Is this good or bad?

My friend doesn’t have any protection and usually has run ins with alot of weird shit, be it cryptids, demons, spirits, skinwalkers/whatever. And he recently told me about a recent encounter with a black and white ‘dog’ in his house that his grandpa picked up by the neck and threw it out (It opened the door to his house by itself). When it was outside it stood on its hind legs and looked through the window at my friend (He was marked by something a while back, idk if this is that thing. Definitely no dog though). So I decided to make him a talisman for protection, so he was walking home lastnight after hanging out, and I gave him the talisman, and on his way home he heard my name in the wind, and looked in the field next to the road and saw a man of shadow, and he was instantly chilled/cold when he looked at it.

From all the previous experiences we both had with occult/supernatural related stuff this is probably one of the least hostile experiences we’ve had. I don’t think it was a bad thing. If anything I think it was more directed at me than him. Anyways any thoughts on the matter?

It can mean many things and it can be “good” and “bad” depending on how you look at it. It can mean that spirits are trying to warn him about something and all of the things he sees might be omens of something.

It can also be just entities that are just trying to mess with him. A simple banishing or protection spell should do the work.

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