Is this an odd form of divination words and sigils appearing from nowhere?

I was trying to sleep in a blacked out room, and theres odd colored lines coming from down below moving to up above you and you instinctively think its words, yet cant make any words out, they blur together. Weeks before this I looked at my ceiling and started to make out sigils. I dont even meditate and this just happens.
Does this happen to anyone else? Should I expect this often?

Yes this happened to me recently in peru, flashing sigils in my tent with my eyes wide open. Images, sigils etc

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Yay, im not the only one! Thank you for confirming im not going insane!

No your not going insane, I had a feeling someone was reaching out to me. The majority of the colors were red and blue with some random golden orange ones. I remember one of them was Belial’s

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