Is this all real?

I wouldn’t necessarily call most of Damon’s works “Right-Hand Path”, but then again, what the fuck is Left-Hand Path and Right-Hand Path anyways? There are so many definitions of it, and to me, it’s just a meaningless label for magick, there is no such inherent difference in the magick.

I’ve heard one definition of the “Left-Hand Path” being that it’s magick that brings you changes in the physical that you desire, and with that definition, most of Damon’s works are highly Left-Hand Path. You see with the older more “Christian” works that they urge you to no cause changes in the physical and instead use magick you solely cause changes in yourself, meet beings to gain “divine” knowledge from them, and become close to “God” or let your consciousness return to the source. That’s what others call “Right-Hand Path” magick, and doesn’t really sound like of the Gallery’s works I’ve read.

So I would suggest to not divine magick into those two categories, as it’s only a made up division that restrains the magician, then continue to try and work with Demons, on things that are relatively within your graps for now, and work until you get results.

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If they are skilled magicians, probably both will get the result they asked for. The idea that they aren’t Omnipresent is just speculation, no one truly knows how this works. Many very experienced occultists say conflicting things. I have no doubt though, that when EA was speaking to a certain Demon has he does everyday, multiple people were also speaking with that same Demon at that time, and there was no difference.

Others say, time works very different in their realm from this realm, and that’s how they can answer all requests at once.

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Very interesting, intelligent response. Thank you for the reply. Your perspective on omnipresence resonates with me and it’s definitely within the realm of feasibility.

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To out it bluntly, I experienced results, through magick, by summoning an angel—Poyel. I have not had any success with demons. My goal is no different than most people on this forum. Us, human beings are composed of many different facets. If one facet of my life (Magick/spiritualism) allows me to somehow, bend happenings or occurrences in accordance to my will, then I want that. I want to be able to hear, see angels and/or demons. I understand what everyone is saying here: it takes time. I’m willing to dedicate the time and effort that’s necessary. I know it’s hard to know but I wonder why I experienced with an angel and have not had the same success with demons.

I can answer most your questions just ask me.
For the omnipresent thing…
It’s like this.
These spirits are far more than what people say or think they are and so are you.
Right hand left hand it doesn’t really matter.
Many of the right hand spirits are actually also the exact same left hand spirit.
Saint Brigit for example is actually a Celtic fire goddess which the church turned into a saint on account of her popularity. She is also the Hawaiian goddess of fire known as Pele as well as many other masks given to this universal aspect by the culture that recognized it.
Likewise the demon of the Goetia known as Bael is actually the Canaanite god Baal, also knows as Baal by many Mesopotamian cultures. He was “demonized” by the early Hebrews because he was a competing god. The age old story of one man’s god is another man’s devil.
The Goetia is simply the most recent flavor of the universal aspects that has taken root in the collective consciousness and my personal favorite because of how new it is but it’s truly no different than Christian saints and angels, ancient pagan gods or the Hindu pantheon. It’s all the same.

Secondly these universal aspects exist within both our physical world as the object they represent such as Baal or Bael or Yahweh or Zeus all storm gods and storms are something that exist in our physical world.
The consciousness of these universal aspects that represent physical parts of our universe are not the kind of consciousness that you and I as humans have. They do have consciousness but where as our consciousness is based on our observation and response to our environment through our senses theirs is not. Our consciousness is based in observation theirs is based in being. We can’t easily comprehend their consciousness because our minds don’t work that way. The easiest way to explain it comes strangely enough from a Lovecraft quote about the old ones. “for us humans our consciousness is held together by our form but for the old ones their form is held together by their consciousness”.

Now as for appearing to more than one person at a time. It’s like this. They exist in the realm of thought and mind where time and locality have little to no meaning and certainly are not linear. Past present and future all exist simultaneously and at the same time not at all. Position and locality are likewise. There is no place where consciousness exists, it exists simultaneously everywhere and nowhere.
Because of this they can interact simultaneously anywhere as well as retroactively. You can ask a spirit for something and it can go into the past to begin the chain of events necessary for it to manifest in the present.

And one more thing, psychic development isn’t about gaining an ability you don’t have it’s about becoming aware of what is already there.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask me I’m one of those few people who actually has an answer and will give it to you straight up without attempting to mask the fact that I don’t know with vague and obscure riddles like some kind of Yoda or something.

Also you had results with the angelic version of the universal aspect because it is the flavor you have preferences for and your subconscious responds to that and there is nothing wrong with that at all.


Take a look at this, see what you think:


I just skimmed the topic so I dont know if anyone has said anything of this sort. Obviously, keep meditating and practicing. If you are going to work with entities, you have to invest yourself into this. I’d argue as cool as it is to meet one of these beings or how awesome it is to develop a bond with one, the (my) ultimate goal is to advance so their help is not neccesary because I can do whats needed myself.

Entities are cool and all, but advancing and evolving is paramount. Once you do start to develop abilities, it will go far beyond experiencing some basic paranormal stuff a God might do to make you aware of them.


Okay, update: So I did it up. Went on Etsy and purchased a “Solomonic mat” with the Solomonic circle specs precisely as in the Goetia. I bought a scrying mirror with the exact specs as in the Goetia. The fear of evocation went away. I went full force in evocation. I used candles, incense, proper sigils—you name it I’ve done it. I tried every method of evocation. Meditated, made good offerings and my result was, as last time: nothing.

I know what I’m about to write here will go against the view of a lot of people on here. Before I write what I’m going to write, I have to give you some background. I come to occultism from a Jewish background. Growing up, I was about 18, I was in a Synagogue full of people and a man with “prophetic abilities” was at the Synagogue. This man told me things about my life that I haven’t told anyone before—things that no one knew. The last think he told
me was, “You’ll be a prophet to the nations.”

Unlike last time, I don’t doubt that demons exist. I know from personal life experiences that G-d exists. If G-d exists, it follows that demons also exist. Here’s where my beliefs will diverge with a lot of people in here: demons are subservient to G-d, and more specifically, the only G-d. People here may say that I didn’t meditate well enough or, I’m not “psychically inclined” or, the “spirits didn’t want to talk to me”. The last part is true—the spirits didn’t want to talk to me because G-d forbade them to. I’m no one special. I’m far from perfect and I have no idea why I had the experience I had at 18. I promise you, I’m not trolling this forum. All I know is this: if anyone else had done half of what I did and put in the time, effort and money into this that I put in, they would have been able to contact half of demons in hell. Something has been blocking my contact this entire time and that Something is G-d. I wholeheartedly believe that. So I can try to talk to demons until the cows come home—in my opinion (and that may be different from the point of view of most people on here), demons, no matter how high in the hierarchical order are subservient to G-d and G-d won’t allow them to communicate with me. I hate to do to the people on here the proverbial, “If you’re a psychic, give me the numbers to the lottery.” If I’m wrong in what I’m writing here, evoke whatever entity you’re most comfortable evoking and ask that entity why evocation hasn’t work for here. Respond here or PM here.


I haven’t got any direct feedback from demons. Yet i know magick work and exist. why? because i’m getting some progress for my request that one can’t deny that it has to do with the magick i cast. You have to be observant like a scientist. test test test. I think you don’t know how to self reflect or evaluate your work in magick. Awareness is one important skills in life and not many people develop it enough.

It’s like tai chi. many people just follow the movement yet they are not aware of the energy aspects that require proper mind intent in tai chi practice. I think your just going through the physicall movement and no mind proces/energy cultivation. Just an analogy.

You say you meditate . That’s just a word. It don’t say much. What goes in your head? your state of mind? what kind of meditation? there’s many kinds. The process of one’s thoughts ,state of mind, will, intention, awareness, clear mind ,observant mind, etc… There’s many layers and ingredients to it. Did you reflect on all the possible ingredients?

Maybe your just fooling yourself expecting a certain experience. Such as seeing demon in front of your eyes like a movie. YOur questions is more in the lines of ’ i want proof’. Or your taking people’s explanation literally which gives you false info of movie magick.

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With all do respect what religion your leaving behind has nothing to do with it. I am a pastors son who walked away from Christianity a long time ago, and I can personally tell you that once you have a great relationship and understanding of demons mountains in your life will move at the mere snap of your fingers.

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That is taken from Isiah or Ezekiel (the passages with the burning bush, Jehovah). Jehovah declares that Jews will be the leaders of all nations and peoples, and that anyone who does not succumb to their acts of subjugation shall incur the wrath of Jehovah and be destroyed. It is nothing new.

I think you’re misinterpreting what I’m saying. I know I started this thread asking, after my own experiences, whether or not demons exist. My view has evolved on the issue. I do believe demons exist and I have no reason to not believe what you’re saying: that you’ve experienced results.

What I’m saying is, based on the experience I referenced above when I was 18 and a number of other factors is that G-d is a firewall between me and demons. I have not heard, seen or experienced results from demons. Also, I’m not saying I’m the most intelligent man in the world but I’m also not an idiot—I’m very well educated. I didn’t ask for ridiculous results like, “In two weeks, please have someone drop-off a Lamborghini in my driveway.” I asked for reasonable results and certainly within the domain of each demon to perform. I used the right sigil, made excellent offerings, gave the demons unequivocal instructions with unequivocal timeframes. I even smeared droplets of my blood on a sigil and again, nothing happened. If at the very least, I had heard from one them and he would have said, “Thank you for the offering but at this time, I can’t perform what you’re asking.” Forget results, forget visionally experiencing the demon, that would have been enough for me. Once again, not saying demons don’t exists; not saying anyone’s results with them is a product of coincidence or some other factor. I’m also not saying I’m anything special. However, I am saying, and I wholeheartedly believe this G-d has blocked my connection with them. There’s no other explanation.

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I have just removed a claim to racial supremacy of Israel from @Newbie3’s post and request this thread does NOT divert into identity politics, you’re welcome to discuss that in PM, but not here, many thanks. :+1:

It’s not implausible that the blood rite performed on you shortly after your birth with circumcision, as your people’s deity requires, did indeed lock you down from contact.

It’s just not applicable to the rest of us. :wink:


Who said anything about race? I was talking about religiosity.

No kidding! You thought that I thought THAT was a prophetic revelation? That was the last thing this man told me after telling me my entire life and things that I didn’t tell anyone prior to that moment—not even my family. Not only back, looking back after reading some of Damon’s books, the things this man told me were not things that could be deduced based on how I spoke (I never told the man anything), looked or the tell-tell signs that fake tarot readers use to read someone’s luck.

You see? This is why I like you. From the first time you responded to this thread. We may have divergent beliefs on certain things but you can meet me where I am.

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If you go back in time when every tribe was raiding slaves, which was when a lot of Jewish tradition & culture was created, then the children of those slaves would enter the religion of the captors, so making a blood covenant, a kind of binding pact, to keep your identity by linking it to your own deity made sense.


I agree. I think religion has nothing to do with it. I’m not one of those religious cult leaders that believe G-d has chosen me or only I can communicate with G-d. I’ll reiterate what I’ve been saying: I’m far from perfect and I know many of you don’t follow the same belief system as me but let’s suppose for a second that you do—there are far better people that G-d could have chosen. I think for some reason there’s something that I don’t know yet between me and G-d and any other Jewish person who did what I’ve done, in my opinion, would have had successful contact/positive results with demons.

Agreed. Since we’re being honest, while I studied many pantheons in college including the Vedic tradition and others, in my own personal belief and I’m not saying I’m right or better than ANYONE (please don’t misunderstand what I’m saying) and people here may think I’m stupid, I only believe in one G-d and that’s the G-d in the Torah and Tanach (Old Testament).

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