Is this a sign!

Hi there pal.
Is this a sign from the Outer Realm?

I have noticed massive Numerology & Astrological signs embedded in to my life and it was the 4 blood moons which made me see this.

The next blood moon is on the 4th.4th on my birthday (the 4th sign of 6 as of the eclipse). The 1st blood moon was 1 day after 14.4.14.

.I was born 4th.4th.88 in the ‘Year of the Dragon’ (Chinese Astrology).

.This was 14 days in to Aeries, 14 weeks in to the year and was on the 1st full moon of the pagan calender as it was on Easter, so also the day of rebirth/resurrection.

.On the 04.04.04 i was 16 years (4 x 4).

.1994 my birthday was on Easter (There has been more).

.The 4th Element is Fire which also represents my Star Sign.

.The Book of The Law was written 4.8.04 100 years and 4 days before i was born.

.There are 4 Gateskeepers, 4 Watchtowers, 4 Directions, 4 seasons, 4 limbs, 4 Elements, 4 brains within the 1, 44 President atm n loads more.

I noticed Lucifuge Roficale was in 4th place in Hells hierachy and if he is Thoth also then that sounds like Fourth (lol). I also noticed there is a Entity called Thor.

Would you see this as an embedded awakening sign placed in to my matrix before i was born or do you think it is just random lol?

I would also like to know if these signs would make me stronger with Magick and Evocation, if i was to use it, as of the Astrological enhancement maybe?