Is this a sign? What does it mean?

Hello there. I’ve recently worked on some spells to bring my ex back, who still has feelings for me (as he has admitted to some of our common friends). These spells involve a sweetening spell and intentions. I am very confident in their success rate, I am not lusting for results and I have an overall good feeling about the situation at hand. I cut off contact and am following the no contact rule. I have recently started to have lucid dreams involving him (I very rarely have lucid dreams), dreams in which he is very loving and in which he is trying to approach me (sexually, too). Does this mean that he is thinking about me? Or is it a sign of the spells working? Again, I am barely thinking about this and when I am, I am very confident that things are going in the right way (hence the reason why I am handling this situation well, despite my strong feelings for him). Any ideas?


I think him appearing in your dreams, being loving towards you, is definitely a positive sign that your desires are manifesting. In addition, he’s already admitted to your common friends that he still has feelings for you so it sounds like everything is working out really well, which is awesome! Congrats!