Is this a sign of magical ability?

I posted a picture on IG and I saw a girls face that follows me in my mind. Minutes later she was the first person to like my photo.


I would say that is a sign of psychic abilities. If you become more aware of your surroundings, you can actually enhance that ability. My powers are kind of like that, except I dream of what’s going to happen. It’s fascinating when you discover what you can do when you try to find yourself and what you’re meant to be.

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No, it is not a sign of anything.

The only way to prove it is not simply a random occurrence, is to see if you can repeat it.

Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, three times is a pattern. It is only through repetition that it ceases to be self delusion.


Im not sure try doing it again for another person, if that happens again im sure theres something but you cant just judge with one case

Sorry, I’m still only learning this stuff. Like @eVox_61 said, try doing it again with a different person. I was only basing off similar experiences. My bad :confused:

A general psychic intuitive. Be glad you are aware of this. It will develop from here

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I am not much aware of it. But still if something like this would have happened to me then from that time I would have remained more focused if anything similar have happened then you can train this ability of yours then very soon you will start knowing more about the people who you see and what connection do you have with them.

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