Is this a good pact?

I want to make a pact with Dantalion tomorrow afternoon but I want some people to tell me if this pact sounds fair to Dantalion .

Hello Great Duke Dantalion I would love to create a pact between you and I .

I want you to get my app, APP NAME, approved to the Google Play Store with no problems within one hour of my submission . Also make the app receive millions of users within it’s first week of being published and make it highly addictive .

In exchange for this I will burn two incenses for you and I wil give you public praise .

Thank you Great Duke Dantalion .

Please tell me thanks !!


The offering seems fine, I"m sure that should be acceptable. I would only add that something like this seems like it would be more appropriate as a regular evocation. I usually reserve pacts for something long term and for multiple things at once. Such as health, a flow of prosperity and knowledge and guidance. but that’s personal preference really.

also a bit of personal preference but wait till thursday. It’s the day of jupiter, should help you on your money making endeavors :slight_smile:


How would you do a regular evocation ?

I think the only day I can is tomorrow

the process is the same really. It could just be a matter of using different terms.
when i think pact, I think of a slightly more ritualistic evocation, where your requests are written out, you ask the demon to accept the pact and you are bound by it for the period specified.

where with evocation it’s a matter of charging the sigil, Calling the spirit forth and making your request as well as an offering. The spirit will for the most part assist you with what you ask, unless it’s something way out of scope for them. (I don’t think I had a spirit refuse to do something before, If someone else on here has I would like to hear about that.)

But I would see an evocation as a, here’s an offering for you to assist me in this one task verse a pact as more of an “assist me in these fields and aspects” type thing.


Imo it doesn’t sound fair. I would also offer a nice food or drink. As well as offer an incense every x day of the week for x months

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So what if I don’t charge the sigil but I have it printed out in front of me and I say the demons name and enn repeatedly ?

The sigil can be printed or drawn, charging is the act of meditating on it (honesty the best way i can describe it at the moment.) I usually save printing sigils for some of the more complicated ones. The sigil is just something to assist you in the calling of the spirit

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Personaly a pact would be a more long term commitment where as this to me would be viewed as a request for help more and as such mayby doesnt need a pact but you should ofc do what seems right to you.
In terms of fair in my mind a guess you might hope that this app will set you up pretty well, perhaps make you financial independent for the rest of your life?
If thats the case i would say that it doesnt require much on your part. If you want something Grand then you need to put im some effort or something of value yourself.
If you are set for life buy the app then a permanent place on your alter with weekly offerings of Incense and treats would be fare in my mind.
However my point of view is that nothing is free and If i want something done that i really want then i should offer something thats important to me.
That way aswell i will not take anything given to me for granted.

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I have a few more app ideas I just want this one to get me to the top . Living large in nyc top . Would the offerings still be good enough ?

Yes I absolutely plan on doing that .

Well then since more apps is in your mind then a pact make more sense to me but then i would work it so that you will get continued support in all future projects aswell, that way it will be long term commitment and a pact would make sense.
And as for your part of the deal thats up to you, what you wanna offer. Personaly i like my touch thou(;

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Do I ask him to help me with all of my apps ?

Don’t you think your side of bargain is kind of cheap against his work to do? Evoke Dantalion and talk about your plan and how he could make it better because there is always someone smarter in the house. Plans always don’t come out as we imagined them to be.
Plans are from A -Z :wink:

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