Is This A Demon Materialization?

I just posted this to facebook, and I thought I’d throw it out here as well:

I need a third opinion on this. I was editing video from the Mastering Evocation course, and I saw this “face” in the video. This was in the middle of an extremely intense ritual. The image first forms an orb, and then a face, and then an orb, and disappears. I sent it to Timothy and he said that it was likely reflected light, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t a materialization.

What do you think?

Pretty cool, the way the horns come out from the brow ridge would definitely coincide with some of spirits I have seen. What was the entity you were working with?

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It’s a group of spirits… the sort without names, and previously without faces…

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“I sent it to Timothy and he said that it was likely reflected light, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t a materialization.”

True. I mean, we use smoke to manifest an entity, so why couldn’t one manifest in light? They’re still largely non-physical entities, so you still need astral sight to really see them.

When you were there at your ritual, did you see something in that time/space that matches what you’re seeing in the picture?

The eyes are small and 1/4 way below the line of the tile, imo, not at all like the outline on the left. If you look just to the right of the alleged right eye socket (the outlined one), you’ll see another blotch like the ‘eye socket’.


It’s the light from the candle being shined through the rim of the glass. I don’t see any reason to believe that it’s a demon materializing.

Well I’m one mainly of the belief that there are no coincidences. If this was taken during the time of a ritual, I see no reason why a demon couldn’t use the light and film to form a slight image. Certainly not scientific proof, but more than reasonable I think.

I’m no expert but I’d be changing my pants if someone took a picture of one of my rituals and I saw that.

If you want to use Azazel’s logic it was a manifestation the moment you considered it as such.

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Just saw the video, I’m more convinced now due to the fact that the candle flames seemed to flicker throughout the evocation. I was able to see the face more than once while this was occuring. If it was merely a shadow or reflection the image would have changed more drastically and not appeared as repeatedly.

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Yes, it looks like a manifestation because of the flame of the candle that was moving all the time.
When that “face” showed up…it form was kind static for some seconds and then disapeared.

It is at least interesting.

I say yes, something there, because the candle going crazy, and it doesn’t seem like it totally matches the candles movements. Kick ass!