Is there such thing as to specific of a request?

I plan on inviting King Piamon into my temple tonight and asking him for his help in getting VERY SPECIFIC job. I mean the company, job name, salary, and timeframe? Am I asking too much? Should I just inquire If this is something he can accomplish or would that be rude?

The more information you can give, the easier it is for King Paimon to help you get what you want. But there’s a catch: The less info you give, the faster the result. But with less info, there’s loopholes that can affect the longevity of your wishes. You might get the job, but with the lowest salary and you might lose it for silly reasons.

The more specific you are, the longer it takes to reach the end goal. King Paimon might need to pull a lot of strings to help you. Negotiations and deals needs to be made, and there could be a few bumps on the way, which also needs to be resolved.

To summarize this:

Less specifics means fast results, which often comes with loopholes that affect the longevity of the deal.
More specifics means slow results, but with a more satisfying longevity of the deal.

Be specific, but don’t expect super fast results.


Thank you! One more question…Is it okay to bring it up further down the line? I plan on working on a relationship with him, where I evoke regularly to build my skills, become educated and such. If a month passes, can I bring it up to inquire about how things are going?

It should be ok, if you keep different objectives seperately. Leave the other objective for the next time you evoke him. Don’t forget to offer him a gift as a token of appreciation and courtesy.

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I’m making him chocolate chip cookies! And I have for him a good beer. I just though of another question. Where do I leave to offering, and for how long. I use a closet (please don’t laugh) to do my workings in. Should I just stick it on the shelf for a day or 2? And what do i do with it aftwards?
Sorry for so many questions.


No laughing here. Just use whatever space is available for you. You could burn or bury the offerings. Usually, when the essence is used by the spirit, it decomposes faster than usual.

I haven’t worked with King Paimon personally, just so you are aware of that. I know that @DarkestKnight have spoken to him. Maybe he can give more input to you?

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@DarkestKnight…I’m hoping you can see this as I’m new to the site and am not sure I have the level requirements yet. If so, your advice would be indespensable.

For an offering, most spirits appreciate anything that you make an effort to give. I think making some chocolate chip cookies is a great idea, and I’m sure the King will value the effort you’re making.

I usually leave an offering upon my altar (or shelf in your case) for 24-48 hours, after which I will dispose of it by burying it in the Earth, and giving a short prayer of thanks to the spirit in question.


Thank you! It’s my first time doing an evocation and I do not want to piss him off. I want a long and educational relationship with the King, and I believe in first impressions


During my evocation the other night, I shared wine. I didn’t drink it all…like there’s always a puddle left at the bottom. The next day, it was bone dry. It was a first.

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