Is there such thing as spells/ rituals to close oneself off?

So, I have actually the opposite problem then the title. I have been looking for road openers etc. But all of this searching to find my past and who I am. Got me wondering what if it’s all too much for someone. Is it possible to close yourself back off again after all of this time and effort to open, to learn grow etc. are there spells etc? My Curiosity May be getting the best of me in this me.

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I’m confused as to what you’re asking. Are you asking about road closers or?

Yes sorry I was rumbling. :sweat_smile: I had information overload and brain mush when I typed this.

Oh yeah, you can close a person’s path. You would basically be doing the opposite for a road opener. So stuff like thorns, the imagery of tying one’s shoes together, hot foot powder, things along those lines.

All it is, is instead of opening opportunities, you are shutting that off and creating stagnancy in that person’s life.


Thank you so so so much!

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