Is there such a thing as a person that is completely resistant to all curses/hexes/spellwork?

I am talking about an ordinary person,not someone with any spiritual protection or abilities or beliefs?

I know someone who is a sociopath, who lived their whole life just expecting the worst possible outcome for themselves and others everyday throughout their life, they are immune to personal negative outcomes, they just expect it, accept it and, cause it. Nothing can touch them because nothing matters and everyone is to blame and if there isnt chaos or trauma, its probably because they’re asleep. This type of person is untouchable in my opinion because there is nothing that can hurt them , they are living breathing “hurt”. Goodness causes them pain.


I think you have hit the nail on the head. I completely agree with you

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It’s almost sad, but mostly scary. They leave destruction in their wake. Casting spells on them is like throwing tiny stones in the sea. It just get dissolved in their darkness.

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One of my friends on here described them as ‘spiritual black holes’ and it is very accurate


Yep. They’re a different thing to anything else I’ve encountered. That is a perfect description. Human. Plain. Void. Soulless.

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That just means I would have to get creative. For instance; narcissists and sociopaths I’ve met share a common problem with authority, or being controlled. I would probably compel this person to do what I say or serve me. Everyone has their own personal hell that you can create by casting spells that aren’t necessarily baneful in nature, but will most certainly be torturous to your target.


I think I gave up because that person is not in my life. But I agree then with you, if its necessary, to get creative.


Me! :slight_smile:

No, seriously. Seems magic won’t work on me. shrugs

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Tried a lot?

Even blood rites?

interesting, why do you think this is?


I have no idea why. Only that any magic at me just does other stuff instead, like the time I played with some Nazis who sent these weird black whip spirits through blood sacrifice at me?

They just… poof! First the spirits vanished, then the group.

It makes healing a bitch.

That is interesting indeed

Those who are awakened. Average folk brainwashed by language, not.