Is there somone close to Azazel

Is there someone close to Azazel? I did a petition and wanted to know if he accepted or not.:v:

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Tarot is going to be more accurate than trusting those of us who may be delusional, mental etc :stuck_out_tongue:

Sometimes the cards will even relate to the petition/working specifically, but often I just do a five card draw with people asking things like this, and the over all feel of the draw will indicate a yes or no. For example 3 positive cards and 2 negative cards will often indicate yes it was accepted but here’s some things to watch out for, or that you, yourself need to do to aid the progress or challenges with the working and the outcome.

All negative cards will indicate nope. Not gonna happen.


If you go the tarot route, form the question something like what will be the outcome of the petition I made to Azazel, and push the energy of the question at your deck as you shuffle. You can let it go as soon as you begin the draw.


Alright im going to give it a shot.

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Sounds good, Just try not to think about what you think is the answer, and focus on the question. If you’re in the I can visualize camp, you can visualize the energy flowing from your hands to the deck as you shuffle, your third eye to deck, or your chest energy center- are the three I like to use, though usually I feel a strong response from the third eye area energetically and tend to default to that area for where I push the energy from. I feel like the others are better for personal questions, versus when I’m doing readings for others I try to tap into the person and pull their energy towards me then push it at the deck.


Azazel would only tell me to MMOB. Emotionally and mentally align with the essence of your outcome and trust. If you feel the Tarot will help then do that, but you need to be telling the story of having what you want before it manifests.


I’ve been working with Azazel for about two years now, if there’s anything I can do to help then I’d be up for it.

Also, if tarot seems difficult for you, you can definitely use other forms of divination such as using a pendulum. It does not give you a broad in-depth range of answers like tarot does, but it definitely makes it easier to get a straightforward answer. But that’s just me, do what works for you and confirm the information. I hope you get the answer you seek!