Is there something in my vibration that makes me attract people who "con" me?

I know a lot of people who get scammed, but recently i have been getting robbed, or people wanting to scam me. even in childhood, the bullies were most drawn to me. i know others like this, so is there a certain vibration that attracts these types of people? btw, my family attracts lots of con artists. must be a generational curse.

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Lower vibrational frequencies tend to attract negitive things. You could have parasites leeching your energy making it lower in vibration, it could be generational, or it could be a bit of past life trauma that has gone unresolved. Either way, here’s what I would do:

Using head phones begin to meditate to 432hz vibrations - 432Hz Miracle Tone - Raise Positive Vibrations | Healing Frequency 432hz | Positive Energy Boost - YouTube

Visualize white light consuming you, see it climb through your chakras, your subconscious, and you astral body while chanting “Aum lah ma” or simply “Aum” will do

Do this until everything around you seems to disappear, this will help you identify parasites, and raise your core vibration.


Low does not equal bad and high does not equal good. Your vibrations can be “high” and still attract shitty people or “low” and still attract amazing people. It’s more that your vibe might give off a gullible nature. Your vibrations are a reflection of how you’re perceived by those around you but it starts with how you perceive yourself that affects them as well.


Totally agree with you :blush:.

My own blood scammed the shit out of me and I’ve been different ever since. It’s interesting that you ask this, because I was just thinking this the other day. I know someone that has had a bit of people try to scam him over the years, and i too thought “maybe he gives of that sort of gullible vibe” like Rungr above said :man_shrugging:

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People perceive you and your family probably as too nice, weak and gullible to stand up for yourselves.

I had problems with bullies when I was younger and just stopped caring about them and usually their life ended up worse than mine anyway.

I don’t scammed much because I smell scams and my husband assumes everyone is trying to rip us off.

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Not a generational curse. You need to change the story you tell about getting conned, etc. Change your expectation. And expectation = desire + belief. Right now your expectation consists of a positive desire and a negative belief. So it’s known as split energy. You need to change the negative belief to a positive one. And that means ignoring the unwanted and finding ways to believe and feel great about the new story. Only then will you see a reversal of what you are attracting now. Of course, there’s gonna be a lot of momentum in your current expectation/vibration, especially as you say your family attracts lots of con artists. So you need to reverse that momentum. Once you have, you can then rev up momentum in a better direction with a new, better-feeling story about the topic.

If you want to learn more, go ahead and grab yourself a copy of the Abraham Hicks books. They are superb.