Is there someone on the internet selling services for banefull magick

Im in a complexe situation, one that I cant magick resolve myself, as being emotionally confused.
I know nobody in the ritual for hire of BALG sell services of banefull magick, but thats what i need.
Im in an abusive relationship and i want someone dead. I could do it myself, but Im affraid remorses will fail the ritual or worse turn it against myself.
The person Im in relationship with can be somedays à little thing that needs love and hugs, and few minutes after a monster that could cause physical injuries, talk to me like no one ever did. And she act like a vampire , asking me for things all day long, incapaciting me in my work, while doing nothing of Her day.
Im familiar with black magick. I know how To use curses. I know i cant do it myself know, as I Will regret it as soon as she Will become nice again…and want it again as soon as sue Will turn again into a tyran.
So im looking up for a professionnal. Somebody renown accepting to use bannefull magick against payment. It appaers for me To be the only way to get my life back. I have tried everything that reason commands, i have try rational discussion, even to ask the assistance of professional associations. Nothing works. She continues to have an agressive attitude as soon as things are not the way she wants them to be , injurying me, holding knives or breaking personnal belongings.
There is nothing rational i can do, and its magickally hard to act myself .



I have read this carefully, three times during the past monthes before posting.
But this ritual isnt intend to kill.
Here the situation is complex, as the personn is not only a bully, its also someone i have pity for when she is in pain.
Plus there is a quite complicate financial situation behind all this, and if we were in a situation of séparation, i would probable have to pay her a rent.
That’s why im looking for a clean death.

Then perhaps you should consider a ritual to kill that pity you feel for her first if the relationship is that bad before hiring an assassin? Look to King Beleth for help with that if you feel so inclined, it’s much cheaper.

1 Like Try it here but first you need a consultation … with a black witch Savannah