Is there anything I can do to heal myself spirituality, I am mentally ill

I know that I ask for advice a lot on this forum but this is really important to me. I am developing a mental illness that I experience about 5 years ago. I thought it had gone but now it is creeping back. The first time I think that it was guilt from burning my house down but this time nothing has triggered it. What can I do to heal myself? Can somebody do it for me?

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I’ve found that ‘a sound soul dwells within a sound mind within a sound body’ is actually true. Our chakra system starts at the root and then builds up. Taking care of your physical needs can really help. Enough sleep, healthy food, some exercise. Then taking care of your mind, cutting out unnecessary stresses from your life, doing what you can to stay calm and happy, or finding the time to do this.

Spiritual help can help with this too, if you’re careful about it. Angels are good with support. Archangel Michael keeps away fear, if you’ve got anxieties. If you are involved with magic, spiritual parasites can attach to you and bring you down. So banishing rituals and stuff help with this. Take care!


I am not involved in magic. I just wish this thing would leave. It’s making me suicidal.

Then try the steps Encore suggests. Raphael or Marbas are good healers and could help you find the problem.
It could be part of you, something you never noticed or something that can be rooted out. Either way they can help you.


How do I summon them?

There are many ways to summon them - I’d do a search here.

I’d also consider going to a mental health counselor. We don’t differentiate the mundane from the spiritual here. Medical treatments go hand-in-hand with spiritual ones.


I hate my mind. Sometimes I wish I was dead.

You can use their sigils. I find this to be the easiest way. I also recommend a pen and paper too. Let them know you want them to write answers down for you and they will write through you.


This thread might be useful as well.
With these twos help I still agree, check with your doctor too. :slight_smile:


Suicide is a waste. You could come back here worse off, for all you know. Better to help yourself now, gain knowledge and power so that if you do come back you’ll have those strengths. The opportunities exist for you here now, on Earth.


And help is available. We need to help ourselves first though, often times. When we’re clear we can perceive better. Then we can open ourselves to all the love and support that was always there anyway, even if we feel alone. But it’s an illusion because we’re never alone in this crowded universe. And any kind of energy or being is already out there in the meta-omniverse, you can connect and get any support you could ever need once you’ve mastered balancing and caring for yourself. So put yourself in a good healthful place, by making good choices and things that work for you. And then when you’re better you can make yourself into anything.


You have negative thought patterns. You need to start with positive affirmations, like a mantra. I’d wager that over time these thought patterns have become astral thoughtforms. You have to change the way you think, and that’s Magick 101. The way you think about yourself is seriously harming you. Find someone you can talk to and trust, like a counselor or close friend. Look up on YouTube auto-suggestion techniques. Also, command the negative thoughtforms to leave you in the name of the Highest Power. Finally, begin meditating on the sigil of a spirit who heals, like Raphael or Marbas. Gaze into the sigil and call their name until the lines of the sigil blur and fade in and out, or flash and disappear. Then share your feelings and ask for healing. You may light candles and incense and present an offering to the spirit if you like.


I would emphasize what @Encore19 said. There’s a false view that suicide = end of suffering. It isn’t. You’ll either be stuck in the same cycle, or worse. It’s such a waste.

That is why here we deal with resolving issues, rather than running from them. Because you can’t run from them - they will be around until resolved. And they can be around for a very, very, very long time - lifetimes.

So, get help, and progress spiritually so that you better your environment, circumstances, and ability to respond to both.


I do feel for you. There are endless entities who’d want to help you and they’ll reach you when you’re ready… Praying can help.


Meditation, meditation, meditation


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Start doing vipassana meditation, it is best for breaking mental conditioning. The basic of it is freely available and is quite powerful. And after that start working with my dude, archangel Raphael. Here is his sigil that everyone uses. download


It’s bloody horrible isn’t it. I’m not sure what to suggest as I’m struggling too at the moment.

I’m doing meditations, and I’ve tried St. John’s wort.

Seem to be slowly lifting things, not sure if they’d help you?

In any case ignore unsympathetic ass hats and treat yourself well, hope things go better for you soon.


Be the observer, dont feed the character