Is there anything after death? if so, what?

On this forum there are many wise persons who have contacted spirits, demons, angels, and other spiritual beings, so I think some of you may have some clear response about the question of this topic.

Fractals, endless fractals, no body, no self from which to use as a reference point (what we call consciousness) …end brain function…

If u live on its in other’s memories…Unless u create a soul (Gurdijieff comes to mind, as does dianetics oddly) or work with entities to ensure the continuous of your frame of consciousness…In that case, no idea what that would be like…Cant comprehend not being in a body…even in OBEs, brain activity is altered, so the brain is still responsible for non-localized consciousness…

Im just on a hard nihilistic trip because im not convinced of the other side at all…Dont mind me.


Nothing doesn’t exist.

Not to u…How can we creatures that are surrounded by everything at everytime comprehend nothing? Never will u see a dying person’s eye not reflect terror…what happens when consciousness confronts what is supposed to be impossible- nothingness?

The soul is everything and the body is nothing , better things are to come ,


Many monks and masters die in peace, and even blissfully.


Nobody knows for certain. Anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something.

That said, my strong suspicion is that it’s like a dream. We each get pretty much what we expect. Indeed, everything we’re doing here with respect to magic could be seen as practice for what we’ll be doing there. The only things we’ll have are the subjective things we bring with us or create there. That’s why it’s critical to achieve that stage of power where everything happens as you because, then, there will only be you.

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After reading your post I am thinking about thia:

  • if angels, demons, spirits and elementals exist, and their existence is granted, I suppose that, on that same logical ground, individual self consciousness could survive.
    -I am not sure if I understood but, could be that during your material life you have to build some kind of spiritual body of consciousness in order to survive?

Also, I suppose that this question could be answered by Angels, Demons or Spirits? Then, why has not been answered?

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None of us can actually tell you , it doesn’t matter what spirit we’ve talked to , it will be difficult at any rate for most to prove

But then my doubt is: Spiritual entities are real, and inhabit a spiritual plane,then your own spirit must be real too, isn´t it?

Look for your past lives and your time between lives and you’ll know. Many people have discovered their past lives and what they did between lives.

At the end of the day, what happens after death is a plethora of things and not a single outcome. I’ve come to know what I did in my past lives and my time between reincarnations.

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What interest me isn’t the answer to what’s after death. To me that won’t matter, because I won’t be me as I am now after dying…

Say there is an afterlife, would u live any differently if there weren’t? Or say there wasn’t an afterlife, would it change how u live now?

l Iive every moment like my consciousness has no continuity after death…so I am always out of both fear and instinct, doing all in my power to protect my body…and maybe as a tradeoff, I have given up on things ppl usually enjoy, weighing them as either too risky or distracting from my overall mission…I will die and cease to exist, unless I create a vehicle specifically for the continuity of my current consciousness and mind…My work as such is aimed at such a continuity, in the assumption that we are not born with something eternal and have to fashion it through the great work…

So how do u live when u beleive there is one? Would it or does it change how u would approach life?How does your beleif in an afterlife or the lack of one effect how u approach the subject of quantum programming ( as I call magick)

Yes, but I would maybe describe it as building (or perhaps ‘discovering’) one’s god self.

I would also include building a complete subjective reality for that god self to live in.

You can continue both processes after crossing over, I would think; but having somewhere to land after your candle gets blown out might be helpful.

But again, I don’t really know. I’ll report back once I’m there.

how would be that vehicle built?

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Does astral projection gives some reliable clues or knowledges about this subject, or it is a different thing?

That is what I seek to learn or uncover. Nothing yet.

Astral is a mental plane, but it is one of a few ways of accessing your soul’s memories, all of which should show you your time in those lives and your time between them.