Is there anyone on this forum that evoked spirit to visible appearance

I mean did somebody used Become a living god ebook and make suscessful contact with some entity I need some inspiration people I’m going to do the evocation ritual given in Becoming a living god ebook

If this is your first evocation you may not see the entity. It took me a while to get to the point where I could see the spirit (after reading the eBook and Evoking Eternity), and I am struggling with keeping the vision once I get it.

So if you evoke and you don’t see it trust that it worked (you will feel it when the spirit is on the room) practice and in a couple a months you will be able to see the spirits.

You should realize that, for something as intense as evocation of spirits to materialization, there is no substitute for personal, concise mentorship from someone who has achieved what you are trying to achieve.

I’ve taught this material to thousands of magicians who are now successfully evoking spirits and using that power to accomplish amazing goals and getting amazing results!

This is why I’ve released the Mastering Evocation Training Course, which teaches you EVERYTHING that you need to know, step-by-step, about evocation, and walks you through the development of all of the faculties needed to see, hear, and communicate with the spirits that you summon.

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E. A. What spirit were you evoking on that video from youtube in wich appears a horned shadow? I thought physical manifestation was meant to mean “very real” image of the spirit caught with the 3rd Eye

Interesting point.

I wonder if other people that have their 3rd eye opened can see when another Magickian evoked an entity?

Also, I wonder if the said entity would only appear to the operator that’s doing the evoking?

I’m hypothesizing here but I believe only the operator would see the spirit since they have taken the trance state to the crossroads. The spirit and the operator are at a merger of worlds or reality. What the operator sees would not be the same reality as what an onlooker would see, that is unless they were taking part in the ritual.

From reading EA’s works and listening to his interviews I gather that even the physical manifestation is in a sense still an astral or clairvoyant experience. The difference being that the operator is not working from an astral temple, but a physical one and the spirit appears to the operator here. Hence the crossroads reference.

Have you watched the Mastering Evocation Training Course? That is Section 19, I believe, and I explain that the most powerful entities materialize not before you, in front of your eyes, but materialize behind you. That is the scene where I took the small youtube clip from.

Those specific entities do not have names, but are called by a familiarity. And when they are called, they cannot be commanded, nor can they be constrained to answer questions, but they come and they impart whatever wisdom you are ready for. I can’t get into too much detail in public discussions about Them, but their power and their ability to use that power surpasses any other entity I’ve ever come across.

Anyways, I explain the manifestation of those specific spirits behind me rather than before me in the Training Course, and this is a different type of evocation altogether. It’s like saying, “Hey, the vegetables that you gave me are orange, but you said that peas were supposed to be green.” Well, that’s because what you’re looking at aren’t peas, but they’re carrots.

When you evoke a spirit fully before you, all of your senses behold the materialization of the spirit… and not just your 5 senses, but psychic senses, emotional senses, intuitive senses, and visionary senses. If someone else is in the room, and if they drop into the T.G.S., and then into the Rapture, and push themselves into the Crossroads, they’re going to behold quite the sights and sounds. It may not be exactly the same thing that the Operator is seeing, because the spirit is communicating differently with a different consciousness that experiences symbols differently… but sometimes they indeed will see exactly what you see.

" explain that the most powerful entities materialize not before you, in front of your eyes, but materialize behind you."


With the above being said, do entities like Azazel manifest “in front”, “behind”, or just wherever they damn well please?

Or, do some entities change directions?

I believe in BofA (I’m going from memory here so pardon me if I’m not correct), some of the Nethers manifest in different directions and I think one manifested behind E.A.?

Thanks for the aclaration E. A., I was thinking of ectoplasm and mediumship when I saw the video, I’ll definetly get the Evocation course soon it’s such a good documented work