Is there anybody that can talk to Lucifer and ask him about my life?

I want to know what can I do to go out with a certain person that is famous? Can someone please give me an idea of what I should do? They are like A list Celebrity?

Become rich, famous and talented. Maybe you’ll have a shot.


Lucifer would just say for you to reach out to them.


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The fastest person to talk to him for you is you.

The famous thing… as a beginner your in a battle of wills with lots of others

Work on an easier target first imo before trying to manifest A list celebs


You can talk to Lucifer yourself.

As for dating a celebrity, I did date a local celebrity and it can be odd to say the least. Theres a big focus on image (I got dumped even though I’m essentially his perfect partner because he looks like discount Ryan Reynolds and if I don’t dye my hair blonde I look like a thin female Jack Black). It’s really not all it’s cracked up to be. Also really investigate your motives for wanting to date this person. Do you genuinely believe that you two will be happy together or do you want the status? Would the bullshit be worth it? Is this going to be conducive to your personal growth? These are important things to ask yourself about any relationship but especially one that you feel you need magickal workings to accomplish.






School of Rock was such a great movie!


Agreed. And also the one I use for Reface because it shows why I keep my hair short and blonde.

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Speaking of knowing Lucifer, as the others say he would just tell me to tell you that you can talk to him yourself, I’ve tried talking to Lucifer for others before and I always have the feeling that it annoys him because it’s not impossible for you to communicate with him. If you really want to you’ll learn about communicating with spirits and actually take the time to practice and increasing your abilities for spirit work. That’s something he would respect rather than sending others to give you the answer you seek.


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