Is there any spell to meet someone specific?


I’m a newbie in magick and I’ve been reading some topics here in the forum but I couldn’t find anything related with the thing I’m curious about. Is there any spell to meet someone specific? Like, I know this person and I feel a reaaly strong connection - but he’s not really aware that I exist. I really want to be able to reach him and get to know him better. Is it possible?

Thank you :heart:

Yes, most “love” spells are designed to target someone specifically. Use the search function (the little magnifying glass) in the upper right of the screen. There’s is plenty of information available here.

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I’ve read some of them but love spells are more like binding, and turns the person obsess with you, init?

Sometimes it’s best to not be focused on a specific person when doing a love spell. Just put down those qualities you want and be specific with that and spirits will go ‘shopping’ for you.

Thank you, but I don’t really want it to be a love spell :frowning: I’m not sure if I’m making any sense, sorryyyy

when you do it the way I described it’s not a love spell, it’s an open net to the universe.

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Thanks for the help!!

When you do a “love” spell upon someone specific, you are forcing your Will upon that person. It is a form of what is known as coercive magick. Any time you seek to manipulate someone else, you are, in essence, forcing yourself upon them.

Such a love spell is not a binding, and they will not become obsessed with you (unless that is your intent), but it is important to know that any result will only be temporary, as their true Will and feelings will eventually resurface. You said in your opening post that this person isn’t really aware of you, so it seems unlikely there is truly a “connection” for the magick to work with, which means it will have to create one.

A general love spell will work to draw someone to you who will genuinely love you, while a specific targeted spell will not because you are trying to force an emotion that doesn’t yet exist.

That being said, there are plenty of spirits available who can bring him to you if that is truly your Will, like Sallos or Sitri.

Sallos can create love, and eventually draw his heart to you, but it wouldn’t be instantly, while Sitri could help you get him into bed but a long term relationship doesn’t seem to be his kind of thing.

You said you are a beginner in maigck so what kind of magick are you looking for? A candle spell? A spirit evocation?


Thank you!! And it could be a candle spell or a spirit evocation, I think I might be able to handle both options, cause I’m used to talk with some entities already and I’ve used candles before to make simple spells for protection.

Another spirit option is the Spirit Tul, from the grimoire, Kingdoms of Flame. He is knowledgeable in all matters of love and can tell you how to win the heart of another. His seal is available on this forum if you are interested.


Are there any other Angels or Archangels that can help with meeting a specific person that don’t know you exist that aren’t “fallen” or from the KOF and are more Celestial in nature? Just wondering.

Or…you could approach this person, say “hi” and get to know him.

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Yes, there are angels of Love.

The Archangels Raguel, Chamuel, Jophiel, Michael and Raphael, according to Doreen Virtue

There is also Anael,(also spelled Haniel) the Angel of Venus.


Thank you. Do any of them do mind control or is that a big no-no for them?

In my opinion, I would say no, as that kind of manipulation isn’t really in line with the current of Love. It belongs more to the Lust current, as forcing someone to love you is rooted in selfishness and the mindset of “power over.”

However, I don’t really know. I do know from experience that angels are just as willing to manipulate or destroy as any demon, but I’ve never worked with specific angels in the Love current so cannot speak to what they will or will not do.