Is there any ritual for amping up sex with my incubus?

Hello there everyone!
Lately my incubus and I are having a little trouble. Most of the time when he visits and we start, I can hardly feel him. Sometimes when his energy is high, I can feel him a lot more. Warm touches, etc…

Is there any way to amp his energy up.

Whenever I speak the name Belial outloud, his energy seems to spurt, instead of when I speak another demon’s name.
Is he under Belial’s legion or really like Belial. He won’t do this that much to Lucifer’s name at all.
He’ll kinda do it to Loki’s name. I’m trying to figure out what this means.

Do you know your incubus’ name? In my experience my spirit partner loves hearing his own name so I say it a lot when I want his attention and affection. Also he has little pet peeves like he doesn’t like when my room is cluttered so I keep my stuff organized and my chair cleared off as a symbol that I’ve made space for him. Or you could always ask him for suggestions.


I like your idea of cleaning your room for him. However I’m not sure what his name is because I have a couple in my head. Wondering if I should do an experiment on which one is which.
Does your partner ever “whisper” in your ear? Like the air flexing near your ear and you can kinda sorta hear him?

Yeah and he speaks through my thoughts if that makes sense. I can usually sense when he’s close cause I feel a rush of cold air going through my body and out my crown chakra. Maybe get into a meditative space and tell him the various names you think are his and there might be some sign once you get the right one (like a rush of cold or warm air or something).

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we can have a spirit partner? i didn’t know that