Is there any magick with just written words? (like Petitions)

Is there any other written magick, besides petitions?

Or are petitions more than enough if you just add a candle and dress it, maybe throw in a sigil or something and that is plenty for your everyday magik needs.

The written word is by definition a though form, correct. I also think there is a guy who draws cartoons and they effect reality (I think Grant Morrison is his name)

Or is it that none of the folk traditions used writing because not a lot of people knew how until the past 100 years or so, so it will take time to develop a system in this area.

Anyway, I would like to track this down if there is anything to find.

No, he wrote the scripts. And those were comic books, not cartoons.

What you meant here is an hypersigil and Morrison himself is the only dude who happens to know and share what he knows.

I can’t see why it wouldn’t work. As long as you transfer your will into the words. I.e if you’re doing a curse, you wanna feel that anger and hatred and release it into the wording.

Writing has been considered magical for over a thousand years lol

There are entire alphabets that are thought to hold power, such as Hebrew, and are thus considered holy.

Writing is not, and has never been, a thought form. It is a concrete form of manifestation that connects desire (emotion) to consciousness (Mind) through the physical act.

However, you are correct, that folk magick generally does not use writing because, traditionally, it was the purview of the educated upper class, and thus kept from the riff raff that the Powers That Be wanted to keep ignorant. The power in writing has been well known for centuries and became the staple of the ceremonial magician, as compared to, say, a cunning woman, who used herbs and roots in her potions.

There are numerous instances of writing leading to the physical manifestation of what was written about. The novella Futility, for example, foreshadowed (manifested) the sinking of the Titanic. In that story, published 14 years before the Titanic was built, the ship was called the Titan, it was considered unsinkable, it carried only the minimum amount of lifeboats, its measurements were almost exactly those of the real life Titanic, and it hit an iceberg and sunk.

There are also examples of writing affecting, and sometimes even destroying, the lives of the writer. Leo Tolstoy and Ernest Hemingway are two that come to mind.

If you want to know how to use writing as a magical vehicle, besides petition spells, pick up Taylor Ellwood’s new book The Magick of Writing.


I think I need this one like right now. Thanks for the tip, mate.


Runic magick


i do some journaling from time to time

Thank you to everyone. And. My sincere apologies for my calling comic book authors caroonists. That was unintentional and a serious transgression. I apologize.
(I grew up reading everything from Green Lantern to the Elf Quest series, later I enjoyed everything from Louis Lamour to Herman Hesse.)

How would you fortify writing?
The same as a petition. Dress it with herbs/oils, say some incantations, visualize, depeding on the element maybe burn it or throw it in a river.

I am going to look into the Taylor Elwood book.

It just seems that intention in writing should be crystal clear. Do you think you couild write to convey the emotion you would feel before and after?

it is a fascinating idea to me.

That makes two of us, so keep me updated on your progress, friend.

Have you read this one yet? I’ve taken to using methods like connellys book of agares, but haven’t delved further into manifestation with writing than that.

Not the newest version, no, but Ellwood talks about using writing as a vehicle for magick in his original book on Space/Time Magick, which I have read.

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Interesting input. I wonder how it (the working) would get “sent off”, as it’s not being transformed. Would it act similarly to an open sigil? If so, how would it manifest?

Have you heard of scripting? It’s a “Law of Attraction” technique where you basically write your reality as you want it to be, and then put it away somewhere so it will begin to manifest.

What Ellwood talks about is similar, only instead of a simple paragraph like in scripting, you would write an entire story about how your “new” life came to be as if it were your present reality, with all the emotions and sensory descriptions you can.

It would be then be “sent off” when you stop writing and put it away, which brings it down from the mental plane and begins to solidify it into a physical manifestation.

That is my understanding, anyway.

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Ah, so it would act similarly to the spinning technique of Chaos Magic?

Haven’t tried scripting. I’ll look into that. Thanks.

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I’ve read that one also. It really changed my perspective on a few things.

I’m not sure however- If he/she was the one who suggested writing three things down that you were proud of accomplishing, followed by three things that hadn’t happened but you would be proud of.

I’ve only tried that once, but I had fairly good luck with it- 2/3 so far. I actually forgot about it till you mentioned the time/space book- I think I bought it after you suggested it to someone else- several months ago? lmao.

OK, so I watched a couple of his videos. From the videos I saw I thought his book is not out yet, but I was wrong. It is out and I grabbed up a Kindle copy.

Thanks for the tip.

From DarkestKnight’s description above this might be a great way for me. It is hard for me to feel when I am visualizing, but I ought to be able to write about feelings. I have had feelings, I just don’t know how to call them up on command.

There ought to be some way to power up a journal/story so that it is not just your working. If nothing else couldn’t a person just invoke some entity and offer them something to make it real. Or include yourself doing some stuff that the entity would highly approve of so they would want to help you make it happen. Of course, they would likely take this as a promise.

Maybe you could just visualize energy into the writing and give it some oomph that way. I don’t know much but it seems like it must be possible in some way to add force and faith to the form. (if I put that right)

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Whelp, my usual library for foreign books in Buenos Aires doesn’t have the book yet. And I don’t know when they’ll get it (and no, I can’t buy it from Amazon because weird ass country), so I think I’ll have to improvise by doing the void meditation and given it a try. Maybe adding a sigil from Blackthorne’s “Sigils of Power”?