Is there any effective magick procedure for money?

Hello, I don´t meant to become rich(although it would be better)but I would like to know if there are effective techniques for consistently getting fluent money incomes, enough for leading a middle class living. If so, please, could you let me know, please?


That won’t happen overnight , but learning , practice and improvement over a period of time definitely will help , try making offerings to The Archangel Zadkiel or The Archangel Michael.

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thanks for answering, could you let me know any ritual or it should be in a free manner?

Also, what about sigils?

A specific ritual isn’t needed , I could give you a ritual that you should see immediately discernible results after 3 minutes or so though

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Can you share this with us :))

Say mentally “ I hereby invoke The Archangel Michael “ for 3 minutes straight , visions amongst other physical sensations should come .

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As many have stated, it’s all about your sincere intentions when asking for what you want. I didn’t do anything special to be honest. I just remember speaking out loud (while being in my emotions) and saying something along the lines of having the opportunity to have enough money to be independent and financially stable and a little extra to help out my parents. It worked and I’m humbly grateful.

There are rituals on this site, but that’s what honestly worked for me.

There are some books by the Gallery of Magick which could assist you. They have three books dedicated to different types of money magick - Magickal Cashbook, for bursts of cash out of the blue, Magickal Riches, for an overall increase in the flow of prosperity through your life (which includes more than just money), and Wealth Magick, a long-term working aimed at building an ever-expanding career.

I don’t practice much of the actual magick in these books nowadays (I summon demons for these purposes), but the information in the opening chapters is invaluable. The books helped me re-frame my thinking around money in a rather dramatic way. This may not be as flashy as getting an unexpected check from out of nowhere (which I have manifested before), but I value these “internal” results very highly, as they are the foundation for all the rest of your magick.


Spell to turn u into a corporate ceo is possible i suppose. U just have to cast it.

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What kind of magick are these books about? Are there some online excerpts for beginning before reading the whole books, or are there some rituals on this forum?

Buy them and see.

You can preview the books on kindle and read them in your browser or on your phone if you are curious. The books contain rituals for many different types of entities, so giving them a look for yourself would be the quickest way to discover their contents.

@Air-Spirit well if you are looking for books to manifest money like just for once there are plenty of books and spells for that. But if you want money to flow continuously surely you will have to put some enough time and effort onto research and practical work.

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This may help (to be listened to on a regular basis):

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Speaking of Subliminals: Quadible Integrity is one of the best subliminal creator on YouTube. I have had much success with his subliminals.

Listen to this for an hour every day for four to twelve weeks.

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Is Gamaliel an aspect of Gabriel or a different entity?

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He’s a different entity. I don’t believe the aspect thing anyway.

That reference to Archangel Gabriel was a typo.

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The Archangel Gamaliel is the Angel of Abundance. His name means “recompense of God”, and he works to manifest the infinite riches of God into your reality. I have had great successes with the Archangel Gamaliel for money magic.

Offer him a cup of water, natural (taken from a river, stream or other running body of water) or holy (water blessed by a priest in the Christian religion, it can be found in Orthodox and Catholic Churches) water preferred, but any water is fine and repeat “Baruch ata Gamaliel” (ch in Baruch sounds like the ch Achmed) until you feel a connection has been established. Then light a candle and let it burn down (tea lights are best for this), while it is lit and still burning give the water as a libation offering, pour it into the ground. And thank Gamaliel for his help pre-emptively.

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