Is there any connection between Goetia?

I kinda feel like voodun has some connection with Goetia. Is there any historical connection between them? I’m interested to know…


Lwa are said to originate from Africa, many Goetia spirits are said to be old gods from the Middle East who were called demons after the ascent of monotheism in that region.

So, on paper, unlikely, but if you believe there may have been civilisations prior to the histories we know about now, then there could easily be a link.


I’ve heard some arguments that suggested this but they seemed pretty weak in their understanding of Vodun. Vodun does have some definite connections to western occultism but most of those come from Hermeticism and sigils (veves in Vodun) as well as Qabalah. I don’t see any real similarities between the demons and Lwa I’ve worked with.


I caught this, so I wanted to offer some food for thought. Food for thought is all this is, so please don’t take this as me trying to be authoritative at all. When I called Paimon, he left several familiars. Salos, Marbas, and some others were added. One had really pointy teeth. One was tall and had a mirror for a head, as if defense. One looked like a manitaur. The spirits themselves looked grotesque, and were extremely different, serving different purposes.

So here’s my thoughts. The loa are part of the demonic heiarchy. They come from Africa, but have the same Luciferian archetypical ruler as the demons mentioned in the Goetia. However we want to name that archetype is fine, however it would be the same being as the ruler of the demonic beings in the Goetia. They operate under a different system of magic, but the authority over them is the same; Lucifer.


There is a complex and intricate connection spanning centuries into human evolution from my micro understanding.