Is there a way to prevent Death?

Death is change. In the world of illusions, i.e. forms/limits and senses, death/change is a true law. One cannot stop it. However, death and change are part of the illusion–illusions are real though–and the only true escape is the truth: realising one’s true nature is immortal. Death/change is vital to avoid idolatry because it prevents attachment to anything other than one’s True Self.
If you’re looking for some ritual to adjust something in the illusion of reality ( :slight_smile: as you seem to be :slight_smile: ) then you can pick up just about any grimoire and work with the spirits involved. I think the Arbatel has some spirits (Bethor, Och, Phul and Aratron) that are, in exoteric interpretations, supposed to prolong life to several hundred years or something like that. Further, always try to define things in more positive terms: I’d say you seek to prolong illusory life rather than prevent death.

When it is time to go, it is time to go. No way to reverse it.

No one can stop death.

I’d be grateful if u could tell more about it later :slight_smile:

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Becuase you don’t know the way to it doesn’t mean it does not exist, you can not only cheat nature, you can steal from it. Death can be reversed.

Do you know what I’m working on now, going here and there searching about? I don’t want to grow old with age; i want to stay young till death clock.

There is a method here in Nigeria for it using herbs and some stuff, it’s called S’agba d’ewe (turn adult to youth), but to me it’s not strong enough. I want something concrete, though I’m using, managing it for now.


Does it also turn bullshit into truth ?


Why not just go directly to Death itself ? Death has more than several representations and assistants able to negotiate such matters. If Death says “No”, the individual simply won’t seem to die until another appointed time. It just may be negotiable. There are also Entities who can “ward” off premature and/or unnatural death, there are even plants credited with the ability to do the same. Some might even say, You have the capacity within Yourself to decide or influence the death of another for better or worse, without asking any external entity. Depends, but they’re options at least. Is it really possible ? Absolutely. Can anyone prove it ? Probably not.

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You had a vision/dream?
If you have seen the future, you can change the direction of it if you are able to interfere directly.
These might help in this quest.

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Can you kindly pm those to me? :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance

You might want to check out the book called Active Dreaming by Robert Balthazar or Franz Bardon’s Evocation book.

There are a bunch of spirits there that teach one rejuvenation, stopping aging process, etc,.

The active dreaming book shows you how to reprogram your body how you want and imprint it astrally to you, causing physical changes you desire over time :slight_smile:


Bardon did mention several spirits in his 2nd book who were more than capable of prolonging death hour so IF people only look they would find their answers :ok_hand:


Not just prolonging it, but transcending it as well :slight_smile:


death the part of existence that deosn’t truly exist there was a time when people didnt die well not like they do now death as we know it was brought forth by scientists and atheists playing god the only way to prevent physical death is by removing your genetic timer your genetic code has a time limit for how long it can keep your physical body alive either remove your timer in a way that makes your genetic code last forever or extend the time on your timer with vampirism


How would you remove the “timer”?

There are a couple of threads on the forum talking about altering dna so the search function is a tip.
The other way is to find a scientific way to alter the dna.
Death is a companion to life and one cant exist without the other. There is a funny saying that ”Life is a condition that allways results in death” however when we die its only the physical body. If we could transfer our mind into another body or a clone in which we had altered the dna then we could prevent death atleast from disease and aging.

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To cheat death is the power only one has achieved, but if we work together I know we will discover the secret.
Sorry, I had to do it.


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Hi can you give sm more details abt this life talisman thanks or do knw any powerfull protection talisman ?

You can achieve that in different ways…

1st is to “cheat death” by preventing the cause of death. If you know the person is going to die in a specific way, use magick to keep them away from experiencing that event. If it’s an accident, you prevent/protect the person from it. If it’s a disease that they have, you heal it etc this is easy and anyone with enough experience can do it.

2nd, By the resurrection of the dead body. This can be done by keeping the body warm and “fresh” during the whole process and for as long as possible. Then use magick to “curse death” in a similar way of performing an exorcism, in the form of a prayer to the divine, or by directing energy from the practitioner to the dead body. Different traditions, different techniques. This method can and should be done with one or more people because it must be done non-stop until success. If the process stopped for any reason then you would need to start all over again. It could take a day, sometimes longer, making it sometimes difficult for one person to complete. IF the body started to decay, then there is a risk of resurrecting a zombie-like person. Bad idea. Also keep in mind that in this case, you’re not only fighting death, but you’re also working against the person’s will to die. If that’s what they want, you’ll have powerful resistance that would make it extremely difficult, if the operation succeeded the person would have deep depression and mental instability which may cause a lot of other negative impacts on his-her personality, so you won’t have the same exact person you used to know. This art is almost lost today but it does exist within very closed groups, usually very religious.

Spirits can be used for the 1st method directly. But they can’t help directly with the 2nd, as far as I know. With the 2nd method, spirits are used as intermediary powers between the dead, the practitioner, and the divine. But they can’t “do” anything themselves.