Is there a way of making someone dream something very specific?

title says it all really - i’m aiming to get my target to dream about a specific person saying a specific thing - preferably the same dream several times ?

I think there’s a dream entity here just don’t remember the name and wouldn’t perhaps a mind entity be able to incite those dreams? they do incite thoughts so why not dreams since they’re in our heads. could also try visualizing while they’re sleeping and sending them the dream.

haven’t done that so wouldn’t know thought.

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thankyou for your reply! i would imagine logically it should be fairly easy for an entity to do (seeing as they can manipulate thoughts, and the mind is at its most vulnerable when asleep) but it’s just about finding the right entity i guess - has anyone else ever done this?

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You don’t need an entity. You can do it yourself.

Dreams are created by the subconscious so you could try to implant the thought using
this technique.

You can also try dreamwalking.


Does anyone have any further advice on this?
What I’m trying to do essentially is have my target dream of a specific person saying something very specific. Has anyone ever done this? Or does anyone know more about the team entity someone mentioned above?

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