Is there a way I can reverse the intention and symbolism of giving a spirit my blood?

So a couple years ago, when I was starting out with all things LHP related, I made an offering to a certain demon, at the time I didn’t realise how offensive or idiotic it may have been to offer my blood to a spirit I barely had a relationship with, I was also naive and demanding towards this spirit, though I apologised months later.

Having said that, I want to take back a blood offering I made for 9 days straight, to this particular demon, is there some way I can “spiritually” take back the blood offering or… unbond myself from them? Also,I don’t think they like me or view me as worthy anyways.

You can’t exactly “take back” a blood offering. It doesn’t work that way.

What you can do, however, is sever the energetic connection with the spirit.


I know, I know, I was asking more if I could take back the intention behind the blood offering. Obviously it’s not possible to physically take back a blood offering, only Doctor Who can go back in time :woman_shrugging:t4::rofl:

Ok thanks

How do I sever the connection?

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Have you called this demon since? If you have, then it should be simple enough to call them up and just ask them to release your connection.

It really just depends on how deep your connections goes. If you didn’t do anything else beyond your 9 day blood offering, your connection might not be all that strong, and you can sever it just with your own will and intention.

Another option, if this demon has a superior, is to call them and ask them to sever the connection. If it was a Goetic spirit, for example, you could ask Lucifer to do it as he is said to be the head of the hierarchy.

And, if worse comes to worst, you can also call the archangel Michael to do it, and he will sever the connection with his flaming sword. That, however, could be very painful, to both you and the demon, depending on how entwined the demon’s energy is with yours. And the demon will most likely hate you for it.


Kind of, I wrote a formal apology to them for my earlier mistakes & naivety, still heard nothing from them. I am clairaudient & clairsentient but I can never quite sense this spirit very much.

You’ve given me some good ideas, thanks!

Is there any way to archive this post? :thinking:

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What do you mean?

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