Is there a simple way to feeling an entities energy?

As the title says, I want to get a feel for an entities energy before actually making actual contact via a evocation.

Is there an informal way to get a taste for the energy as wanting to test various entities before diving in?

I want to feel the energies of Lilith, Lucifer and Belial.

Coming into this I wasn’t able to feel any energies and it was a bit frustrating for me.
It took a lot of time, but I found the best success for learning how to sense energy but being around it. It takes time to learn how each energy feels. It was similar to when I was trying to see, my spirits would just come to me and have me stare.
If you want to be eased into it , then make it clear before that you are open but a bit uneasy.

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Im pretty good at feeling energy, became pretty sensitive after so many years of meditation but my senses overall are pretty weak.

What Im wanting to try is to just get a feel for an entity before I evoke/make actual contact like is there a way of getting a taste?

For example if i wanted to get a feel for Shiva’s energy I could simple meditate and chant “om namah shivaya” and after a while i would feel the energy of Shiva to some extent at least.

Try chanting their enns. They serve the purpose of invoking their energies.

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I must have misread something there my bad.
I’d just make it clear pre ritual you want them to go easy. Sometimes those you listed can be a bit much to deal with energy wise, so I definitely understand lol

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Thats exactly why I wanna just get a taste and take it from there lol

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Awesome so can just chant there enns, cheers bro


If it’s a new entity I’m dealing with, I may spend some time a few days in advance immersing myself into the entity’s energies, using their enns, sigils, and meditation. I should have a pretty good idea of what they feel like by the time I go into ritual.