Is there a sigil to drain a target's physical energy?


What kind of sigil or incantation, or vampirism method can I use to drain a target? I want to take away physical power, literally see that person crawl on the floor, but without absorbing any nasty energy. And without touching the individual. Also, we are never alone in the same room and I’d rather not do damage to the other people.


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To truly become the vampire that destroys the soul and energy the vampire must learn to devour the victim all like a hell mouth the the hellmouth vampires are a species of vampires as such that destroy and devour the victims all they dont care about good or bad energies they devour.

Abaddon teaches paths as such,but heres an incantacion or mantra that i used on my path. when you are absorbing,on exhaling hiss loudly “ESH”
on inhaling say “Ash”


Thanks @Xag_darklight, you’re a darling! I’ll figure it out somehow.

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You can work on the solar plexus too,it is very helpful on things like this.

but you can aslo do normal techiques and you can simpy intent to only absorb the good juicy energies.


Hey, I’m not gonna be the one to teach vampiric magick but I’ll point you in the right direction.

Try galdr. Use vampiric bind runes. The runes are an awesome tool for the Vampire. Not only does it allow one to seduce easily and offer a plethora of practical to use magical tools, but once you are familiar with the futhark, you can beging using bind runes for more powerful and complex workings.

Here is a site that can get you started on bindrunes, they have some links to vampiric groups, but most of those sites get taken down quickly.


Note spirit just told me you can also use liliths, naamah, or hecates energy to learn vampirism. Apparently there is little difference between the succubi archetype and the Vampire.

This spirit is female and i know these spirits work best with women so im gonna assume this advice is for the ladies.

Id still reccomend galdr


Thank you so much. I had a look at the website, i definitely need to learn more about vampirism.
I already work with Hekate and i do enjoy mesmerising people. I guess i never bothered much with labeling that as vampiric action or not.

The Algiz rune works wonders, someone keeps fumigating me with holy wood and the rune helped me counter that fast and effective.
Now, it’s time to play!
@SeekerofK your answer was very helpful, thank you again!


Yes there is. Lilith is good to teaching about the succubi type


Dude I been doing that a lot lately lol