Is there a possibility to die and go to qliphoth?

hi, i have a doubt and i want to know if anyone else agrees with me.
someone agrees that there is a possibility like if I kill myself and I end up going to qliphoth / sitra ahra because the name is tree of death and qliphoth has a lot to do with death etc.
does anyone else agree with me?
I found this file on the internet that made me think about it


If I’m not mistaken the Qliphoth is a representation, I could be wrong @DarkestKnight

as well? a representation of death? What do you mean by that?

No, you will not go to the Qlippoth if you kill yourself. Like the Tree of Life, the Qlippoth is simply a map of a certain aspect of existence, and though it is sometimes called the Tree of Death, that is only because it was seen as the polar opposite to the Tree of Life. The Qlippoth isn’t an after life realm you would go to.

When you die, your energy will be recycled by the universe, unless you are sufficiently spiritually advanced enough to resist reincarnation.

You should pick up a book some time and actually learn about it.


Kabbalah was a system of mystical interpretation of Hebrew scripture that was created around the 12th century. The sephiroth are not realms as you are thinking of it. They are a mystical abstraction. If you were to kick the bucket right now, you would end up on whatever level of the astral you are a vibrational match to.



Hey DarkestKnight, how you been!?

What book would you recommend in that topic?

Have you seen regressive hypnosis videos on YouTube? Calogero Grifasi do a lot of work in helping people overcome this recycling of souls.

Why do you think that happens, is that a designed system in order to keep us here on earth and keep us not aware of our powers and potential?

Peace brother, good to see you’re still here posting :slight_smile:

so qliphoth is just an energy storage place?
is there no astral plane for qliphoth?
how is it possible for me to become a living god?
there is no way for me to take a soul trip for qliphoth?
how am I going to become a god?
isn’t the other side a dimension?
explain to me what I do with qliphoth
how do i invoke qliphoth?
I am a layman

Given the astral is a mental plane/collective unconscious someone could create realms that reflect what they view the Qliphoth as, but “objectively” no, as in it’s a figurative map of certain aspects of existence not actual realms, it’s not literal.


is qliphoth just a perspective?

It’s more like an abstract representation.


There are tons of threads with answers to these questions if you use the search function.