Is there a permanent solution for protection?

Im planning to do magic and get some spirit companions, is there permanent solution for protection. Or do i need to keep doing protection rituals for lifetime?

Try servitors?

Check this one out and see what you think:

We have more in the Spiritual Hygiene collection thread (search at top right for that, also try keywords like “protection tutorial”).

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You could also create a protection sigil or ward and get it tattooed.

Seal of Manifestation

How does it work in practice? I get the tattoo and then load it with my magick?

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@Kristian That or whilst the tattoo artist is doing it as the form of tattooing is a form of ritualism in itself. So empowering it while there doing it will make it stronger.

Do i need a open third eye to contact a servitor?

There’s no such thing as it being closed. You just need to develop the innate skills all humans have. As long as you can direct your attention and intention, you can do any magick. You don’t need to “see” it to feel it.

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Unfortunately, it is against the rules for anyone to review or recommend magical sellers.