Is there a Mantra for contacting Sekhmet?

I spoke with Sekhmet last week, I can feel a connection with her right now but I am dealing with massive interference, is there a mantra I can do to increase the connection? She is really good at healing the 3rd eye.

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Definitely. Sah Sehkem Sahuu. Do at least 100 and then pause and check for visualisations and any manifestation changes. She will make contact very clearly through visions, and she loves alcohol as offerings. I gave her cherry liquor to good effect.


Cool, I like doing mantras for beings. Visualizations sound cool. I spoke with her for a bit and she helped heal my third eye. Also I found this video to post for people checking out this page.


this video is great , did you use any spicial candle color or incense, i saw somewhere they draw sigil of aastaroth too?!

Do what you can to reduce the interference.

Forcefully saying her name, with a strong intention that she comes to you will work. You can print out the Eye of Ra and trace over it. It can be used as a sigil. That may help your focus.


can we use astaroth sigile for her too? i saw it on net but i think it may not represent hers, is there any other sigiles other than eye of ra?

No because Astaroth isn’t Sekhmet and trying to make the two one is bound to get you a mimic who Is fine claiming both and doesn’t mind feeding off someone. You can use her name in hieroglyphs as a sigil however.


Why do you have an issue with using the Eye of Ra as a sigil?

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i have not

So just use the Eye of Ra symbol as her sigil, then repeatedly call her name whilst you’re in a trance. If you want to meet her at the crossroads, you could do that.