Is there a limit to what an angel may be willing to do?

I’m not talking about hurting someone, but something that goes beyond some scope of the status quo. Like if I wanted to alter my neurology to some degree.

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It really depends on the particular angel, but no, there is no limit as to what an they may be willing to do. However, they can see a greater view of life, and may ask you if you’re really sure that your request is something you really want, as they can foresee consequences you may not even be aware of, and just as a demon might, an angel could let you burn just to teach you something.

I have tasked angels, and they have responded pointedly with, “Why would you want that?.” I got the feeling they didn’t really care about the answer, only that I was aware of my reason for asking.


There are some parts of autism that’d make life a lot easier if they were less prevalent.

So, what spirit wouldn’t?

As I said, it depends on the particular spirit, regardless of whether it’s an angel or a demon.

All you can do is ask them. Both Raphael and Marbas can alter physiology, and bodily function as part of healing, for example.

Personally, for such a request, I would probably go with the House of Kel, which are Mercurial spirits capable of healing any aspect of your existence.


And they would? They wouldn’t just say “you’re perfect the way you are” or something dumb like that?

You would have to ask them yourself, but in my experience, no, they would never say such a thing. In fact, I’ve never had any spirit, angel or otherwise, say something like that.

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Good because it’s really condescending.

Pretty words don’t help.

Rather than focusing on something that may or may not be changeable, I would focus on the situations and aspects of your personality that you want to be different and then work on that with magick directly. I’m a completely different person because of magick, and I could be labelled at various points with various DSM terms in all likelihood. I’m not at this moment a complete literal embodiment of self-actualization and massive success, but I think I do pretty reasonably for myself with what I have to work with.

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