Is there a lead angel for each angelic choir within the Shem HaMephorash?

I’ve resumed work on my spreadsheet project that’s essentially a large correspondence chart for the Goetic demons and their counterpart Shem HaMephorash angels today. I had this thought occur to me: There’s nine types of choirs and each group has an equal number of angels. Are the angels within each choir equal in rank regarding one another or does each group have its own leader/representative angel? Are the angels actually individuals or more like aspects of a singular choir, similar to the concept of the three-fold goddess?

I haven’t been able to find any information beyond archangels being in charge of other angels, which just became more confusing considering there’s the archangel choir, that individual angels within other choirs can be archangels, et cetera. With how the Goetic demons have no discernable pattern with their rank in regards to their associated number within the 72, nor the amount of spirits belonging to a particular rank group (like Furcus being the lone Knight), the random fluidity versus the highly-structured rigidity stood out.