Is there a Archangel equivalent or similar to Sargatanas?

Curious to know if there is one, someone let me know if there is a Archangel equivalent to Sargatanas.

If sargatanas is for sex u can ask,check Venus spirit ts,I tink planetary,or angel anael ,which in tat case u just set up you own offerings.

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Sargatanas has what is an equivalent to an Angel Shem or angelic emissaries? As for example with Gremory it is Panael, Poiel, Vatzliel and Yodshdiel

Likely, there isn’t a “canon” (if you will) equivalent/counterpart.

You’d probably have to deduce it yourself to some extent, or better yet figure it out through work with Sargatanas.


A. E. Waite linked the image of Sargatanas shown above with Ophiel, the Olympic spirit of Wednesday and the planet Mercury.

The Archangel of the mercurial sphere would be Raphael.

. He has command over the demons Morax, Leraje, and Valefor and is under the command of Astaroth and more importantly Beelzebub.

It could also be the case he shares counterparts with Astaroth and/or Beelzebuth.

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