Is the moronic splodge a magical organisation?

Does the moronic splodge implement ceremonial magic, please dont allude to the monial in ceremonial as magic ritual as the moaning or to ‘moan’, is probably more likely an effect of moronic splodge ritaulistic magic.

‘Isn’t it a bit bushy dear ?’

Experiencing the darkness when sick is a lesson that they teach you to make you fear the darkness. The darkness when sick and I mean really sick, is so cloying it makes me wanna puke 30 years later, it is truly grotesque and could put you off for life.

So why does the darkness come when your sick, so why do so many people ‘experience’ the darkness the first time, when they are sick ?

My theory is that it follows an agenda of HUMAN origin, that HUMANS have for you, kind of like making you walk down a pathway that is better for them, rather than you yourself.

Is this perhaps due to they’re own failures to understand, that ones own understanding/implementation of things, will be different from they’re delusional belief of how, they think…you will understand and implement things.

Remember the image people have of you in their own mind, is always a delusion or a fiction, self created and not accurate as to who you really are, dont become someones, or in the case of the splodge, somethings eggregore.

If this is what E.A is actually on about then I think his thinking.