Is the golden yawn all its cracked up to be?

Any thoughts on this question ?


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Don’t think you’ll get to many well informed answers here on that subject. Most here aren’t versed in GD other than what they’ve picked up in various books which borrow from it.

The reason I ask is because I bought their scrying cards and…i dont understand them…!


The Golden Dawn teaches through symbols and correspondences. An initation ritual in the Golden Dawn is meant to, through ritual exposure to symbolism and the conferrence of energy, elevate your spiritual abilities. Everything is focused on ritual and symbolism - planetary, kabbalistic, alchemical, etc. It’s a very psychological and intellectual way to perform magic.

The issue with this type of system is that it often leads to false initiations. What if the initiate went through the ritual but those abilities for which the ritual was done were not in fact unlocked in himself? The only one who would know would be the initiate himself, and he may be deluded. This has led to ceremonial magicians with no actual power, who just go through the motions and believe they are adepts, and then go on to initiate others into their own delusions of grandeur. Not to say all of the G.’.D.’. groups are like this, but it is a very common problem.

Ultimately, most of what they do is unnecessary for spiritual growth. It is one method out of many, but it’s a method that often fails, as is evidenced by so many adepts who have less magickal ability than a 12 year old. In my opinion, it is a clever concept, but history has shown its many flaws.

I’d also note that joining a lodge or group is not necessary for initiation, which is a much more fluid experience than most ceremonialists suggest. Every time we succeed in evocation, and every time we gain true occult knowledge, we grow. This is the whole of our goal.