Is the Crown Chakra also a third ear?

Isn’t the crown chakra also known as the third ear?

Idk why no one didn’t even tried to answer this yet…
Crown chakra is at the top of your head, like where a crown goes.
3rd eye is (approximately) between your eye brows
There’s no 3rd ear chakra.

I’m aware that the crown chakra is at the top of the head. I think you misunderstood me. I have heard someone call it the third ear and it makes sense considering some other things.

There’s no such thing as 3rd ear. I can call it “strawberry cake” but that doesn’t mean it is a strawberry cake or that has to do anything with strawberries or cakes.


You seem to know everything in the universe

I’m telling you there isn’t a 3rd ear chakra and you insist just because you heard someone calling it like that. If you think I’m wrong, instead of being sarcastic do a research. It will benefit you much more.

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Someone in this forum, tried to explain your huge misinformation that is in your head, and you are ironic.
Just go and search on your own please and be polite with the members who are kind to you.
This forum should be about sharing magick experiences not teaching the basics 🤷

This was derailing the other topic, so I’ve made it into its own discussion. :sunny:


I do not thing that you are either right or wrong. I opened up something for discussion but your ignorance made you say it has to not exist on something more than just merely what someone called it. It wasn’t about the word, it was what that word is referring to that I was particularly interested in. There are other ways of getting to know that than just a research, and I’d likely even find something if I did.

I apologise for coming off as rude but nothing more.

I’ll just leave this here and have a good day sir


Yes you are right. Sorry about this. Have a nice day. I can be a dick sometimes.

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I have never heard it referred to it as such. But you might have some success researching the minor chakra systems. Supposedly there are a bunch of minor chakra points in the head/skull. That might correspond with what you are looking for.

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I thought of it in a way, like the crown is associated with a silence, so you could hear the silence. And also I thought that to hear spirits you need to work most with the crown. Anyway it’s just different ways of refferring to it I guess, doesn’t make much of a difference and when I heard someone say that the crown is also third ear it just made sense to me.

If it makes sense to you then use it and work with it. Everyone is on their own journey here, we’re all just making sense of out shit as we go along, even those following a prescribed “path”.

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Yes, thank you.

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The crown is essentially “spiritual” while Vishuddha, the throat chakra, sometimes is said being related to clairaudience.

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