Is something bad around me?


I was wondering if anyone who has the ability to read my aura, or see can see what’s around me could help me.

I’m trying to repair my marriage and it seems like every time we get a little traction in the right direction something happens that halts it and puts us back at square one.

I don’t know if someone or something is doing this to me or my wife but it’s getting very disheartening to not be able to get some good momentum for more than a few weeks

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Do a road opener. If that fails, proceed to cleanse and ward.

I saw an indigo color…then a Spirit, holding a snake, with the snake head pointed forward, and twisting the snake.

His words when I called him to my place, why are you there?
Him: I’m there to ruin them, and he was flinging his arm fast and strong.

I asked meaning of flinging and rolling his arm?
Him: Destruction.

Who sent you? I’m sorry I can’t say who he mentioned, cuz I found it hard to believe. But let me ask this, are you on good terms with your wife Mama?

Sorry if I’m intruding, how can you see the aura without knowing the person, excuse my impertinence, it’s just curiosity …

Yes we are on good terms and talk regularly.

The aura is energy. You don’t need to be there to see it.

Is there a way to get him to stop? Or why would he allow us to start on a good path to begin with if he is trying to stop us?