Is simple best in curses?

well.part of my grander ambition is to eventually develope a useful book of curses where most of them are simple enough that they can be used by anyone that’s literate,without being so hokey as to make prospectus practitioner look like a lunatic flailing there arms about with no results. if someone is going to look like a lunatic flailing there arms about,I want it to have some magickal impact :stuck_out_tongue:

my reasoning behind the simplicity part is not only to magically arm a wider array of people,but it comes from the idea that the overriding simplicity of the thoughts involved makes it less likely that anything can go wrong with the spell,which with death magick can sometimes have likewise deadly backfiring. also I think that simpler makes it likely that the body of malignant energy is too stupid to know or even care about the authority of any protective spirits (sort of like the questionable intelligence of people trying to climb the white house gates)

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the wider implication of course being that I would like to see others opinions on simple vs complex in curse making

Tbh, I found the strongest element in a curse is releasing all the vexatious, ugly emotions into the ritual and/or towards the target. Without that, I feel like no amount of materials could compare.

So, yeah simple is good. It is subjective to say that it is the best because sometimes tools/chants/items/etc create a subconscious association that locks in the intent into the spell. However, I don’t think you need to tear your garage and kitchen apart to make an effective hex.