Is Psychokinesis Actually Possible?

Just wondering if I was imagining this or not, but I was sitting on the floor in a medium bordering on deep trance state and there was a small piece of wadded up paper in front of me. Now my breathing was slow and very controlled and my mouth was nowhere near this paper and I was so relaxed that I didn’t even notice I had both of my hands forming a cup like shape over top of the paper wad, about 3 inches away from it. The central heating unit was also turned off at that time and I was nowhere near the vents.

I notice some movement out of the corner of my eyes and looked down, I could’ve swore the paper just moved. Baffled, And holding the same pose, not moving at all, I looked at the paper and it moved again about 1/2". I looked all around my room to see if something else could’ve been causing it but I didn’t feel any breezes anywhere so I looked at the paper again and this time I purposefully tried to focus on getting it to move and it slid forward about another 1/2".

I sat there and did this until the paper was literally almost 5 inches away from where it started. Is this actually possible or was that just a figment of my imagination. I thought it could have also been a spirit doing that but at that time, there were no spirits in the room with me, I was simply meditating and practicing on clearing my mind because I like to do focus and concentration exercises every so often to keep my mind trained to be silent and blank when I tell it to.

Are you in the habit of imagining things, or being tired or whatever so that your eyes play tricks on you?

If not, it might be true psychokinesis, and the only way to know for sure is to try to duplicate it. :slight_smile:

I totally believe this is possible, and I also believe the rules are changing now anyway about what we can and cannot achieve…

I believe that that happened. Have you tried some other like rotating a paper placed on a needle. I forgot what they call it but we tried it and it worked though it’s hard to control if want to reverse the rotation. Guess it’s just because I have no Idea how it works. I too always suspect that maybe it’s just the wind so I experimented on it and found out that it really is working.

It absolutely is possible and don’t doubt it for a second because once you do you lose it. Take a cereal bowl and fill it with water then place a tooth pick in the water. Don’t try to move the toothpick just look into it, past the physical toothpick it’s self and into void, kind of like scrying. maintain this passive focus until you get tunnel vision and keep with it for a few minutes and do your best to be as relaxed as possible. The tooth pick will start to float around in chaotic patterns and eventually when you get used to working with this you will figure out how to gain more control. Best of luck to you.

I have wondered this same thing. I think it may be possible for moving flames, clouds and things floating on water. I would be somewhat surprised to hear that someone could slide a paperclip on a table under controlled conditions.

It’s possible. I try sometimes, as I’ve never really dedicated a lot of time to it, but I’ve gotten similar results to what you mention. The most impressive thing I was ever able to do with psychokinesis would have to be the time I made my chandelier swing pretty violently.

I haven’t been “in the zone” for telekinesis often enough to devote enough time to mastering it. But it does exist, and it is most definitely possible.

You can test this further by putting things inside of a glass bowl with a lid or aquarium type thing to eliminate the breeze.

Yes, I heard something about using a mason jar and taking a pencil, tying string to the pencil and laying the pencil over top of the jar so the string hangs down inside of the jar and the pencil serves to keep the string from swaying. Then people say to tie a feather or tape something lightweight to the other end of the string.

Just found an interesting website on making Psi wheels.

No, not usually. Normally when something strange like his happens it is legit but it sometimes take a while for the reality of the situation to really sink in. This is one of those subjects that I have only studied somewhat and so I wasn’t sure if this was something that can really be accomplished because all of the videos online (or most of them anyway) that show this stuff are usually fake as fuck.

I think you kind of HAVE to develop this and see where it goes, I see movements that aren’t there sometimes when I’m very tired (like, 36 hours awake or more) but never a single thing, it’s more like everything around the circumference of my vision started bending and moving. I don’t think you imagined this, and I think you’d know the difference if you had - fwiw.

That’s what I was thinking. I know this is hard skill to fully develop but when I’ve been awake for too long the entire room starts moving (like you said) and it looks like the towels in my laundry basket are slithering around like snakes and stuff. This was just one isolated object that moved and I had only been awake for 6 hours when this happened.

You know, I was practicing this last night and first off I can say if you practice for too long it can be physically exhausting so if anyone else decides to try, limit yourself to just 15 mins. of practice for the first few weeks!

Anyway, when I did this, I was creating a psi ball (pretty much) in my hand and I saw it as a pale yellow light with swirls of black for some reason but then I saw a massive black glow coming out of my hand that looked like black smoke coming from me! Almost glowed the same way an aura glows but this was black and it was expanding and merging with the psi ball in my hand.

What the heck is that and why is it black?

I expected like maybe blue or yellow energy or maybe even white or purple but black? It didn’t feel off, or bad, or negative, it felt normal to me but that is the first time I have ever seen pitch black energy coming from me. Is that simply the darkness within emanating outward?

Energy that looks black can, in my experience and that of a few people I’ve spoken to, be related to will, which is to say it’s noit bound by normal laws of probaility etc., or it could be shakti energy, a specific feminine energy (men can generate it as wqell) which often looks black and can be used for creative, destructive, and other purposes that involve a change of state.

I don’t know if yours was the same but this was something my healer friends talked about a lot during my “white-light” era :o) - pecisely because ti wasn’t golden-white and therefore not part of the conventional frame work of what we’re told is “good” and “bad.”

It’s usually pretty powerful stuff.

The most difficult part of tekekinesis is trying not to feel like an idiot for wasting your time. Once you get past that, it’s not so difficult.

This guy seems legit in my opinion

I’m going to try and make some videos soon myself.