Is my pet a guide/spirit

I’ve never came across anything like this before and I’ll try to be brief. My niece gave her pet rabbit to me, as she’s a student and couldn’t care for her anymore. My bun is about 2 years old now and we took her at around 6 months. This bun is a house rabbit. She’s free roam and uses the litter pan. I have never had a connection with any other pet as I do with my bun. I had cats growing up and loved them, but never had an emotional or spiritual bond. The bond I have with her does not feel natural. It’s way too strong. I feel she’s perhaps a spirit guide or some sort of guardian. Any idea what she could be. I know this isn’t just a love for my pet. It’s extremely intense. Just trying to get to the bottom of this. Would love to hear if anyone else has ever experienced anything like this before?


Having such a strong connection like that could be signs she is your “familiar”, a helping spirit. That you and her are psychically drawn to each other


Thank you! I was researching familiars, because I honestly thought this. I seemed to get mixed information though. One place I read said that a familiar was an actual spirit? I don’t feel this to be true though. I agree with you. I hope she’s my familiar.


Your welcome! As for familiars being spirits, honestly it just depends. Like in paganism you mainly hear of it being living animals finding their way to you. Other times like in shamanism and other things its simply a spirit

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My Moon kitty came to me a year ago and was like you are my human now. She is an avid devotee of Lilith and helps with all my ritual work. My other cat Corey is just a big dumb boy cat. She tried to teach him how to use a ouija board once though



Aww! :heart: both of your cats look like two that i had for the first 12 years of my life (my parents had them before i was born)

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I’ve wondered this about my bunny, I can’t discuss further about how he came to me but instantly this emotional bond happened from day 1. I don’t have answers though haha

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Yes, she was gifted to me, but the connection is crazy!

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I’ve had a similar experience with one of my cats, who will almost always be present when I’m working with Lilith specifically and super affectionate during rituals. He’s also slept on the cushion I keep in front of my altar (and my female cat doesn’t do any of these things). I get the sense that he’s in tune with Lilith and his behaviour let’s me know when she’s near.