Is my mom gonna die? Reading

My mom did meth yesterday she’s doing pills drinking alcohol getting fucked up right now Just all I need to know is if my mom is gonna die. So is she gonna die reading. I don’t care if she dies I want her to finally die because her death means she could find peace happiness

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I’m sorry to hear about your mom? Why not try to get her help? Does death automatically mean peace? I am not so sure. BTW we are all going to die so your mom is going to die but from the looks of things she won’t die in this moment even though she’s using or may be abusing drugs.

I called the police :policewoman: They couldn’t find her, her other self spoke with me on text told me it’s name. She said your talking to ZOTHING
ZOTHING believes she protects mom from her pain if things are too painful ZOTHING takes possession of her (split personality) When mom comes back she doesn’t remember anything because ZOTHING was in control

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Well. It only matters so much if she did know how to protect herself from unwanted energies, as long as she is coping with drugs and alcohol. It’s rather common for empaths to cope this way, but sounds like she’s bordering on either a mental illness or being so unstable from the sensitivities that she can no longer perceive the difference between here and there. Drugs and alcohol can fck up the best of us in regards to other peoples energies and parasites and everything else.

I don’t know what it is called where you are, but here in Pennsylvania, there is a code gosh I can’t remember the numbers even, where you can have someone involuntarily committed, for being at risk of harming themselves or others. She seems like she could be on that line, so it could be an option, but if the police can’t find her as is, I’m not sure that it would help.

Unfortunately I’m not sure what you need help wise, you seem only interested in whether or not it’s a life or death situation above, and that sort of reading is not one many people are going to jump on, and it won’t help you cope after the fact or take action now.