Is Murmur capable of exorcism?

Is Murmur capable of exorcising a thoughtform that has attached, before he destroys it? He told me before that it needed to be exorcised before he could dissolve it.

I think you answered your own question if he told you that.

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Not really since he never told me he could do it. He meant it in general, like I needed to find a way to exorcise it first.

I would interpret that statement to mean that no, he cannot exorcise it. Otherwise, he would just do it and then dissolve it and not tell you that it has to be exorcised first.

I suggest a limpia tailored to your own beliefs:

I wouldn’t, because I didn’t command him to exorcise it. In my experience, entities don’t do something unless you a) tell them what you want for the outcome and then leave them to figure it out, or b) you command them specifically to do something.

I’m only asking to see if anyone has in fact experienced an exorcism from Murmur, to see if he’s capable of it.

Basic limpia - interesting idea. :slight_smile:


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Good luck :slight_smile:

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Why ask if you were going to argue the help with your own beliefs on the matter since you already had the answer to your question judging by the argument you put forth.

However, no you do not command them to do anything, you can ask them and some entities will do it regardless if they believe it will help you. However, if he says you should get it done either 1. you didnt have the thought to ask him if he could right then and there or 2. he did not learn to do it himself therefore dont know how.

Yet, you saw fit to come and argue with me.

#1 was the right answer. No idea about #2. I’ll try to remember to ask him next time I summon him. /sarcasmoff

i actually have been thinking about evoking Murmur for a similar reason for the past 2 days… have been procrastinating on it