Is Memetic Magick The Most Relevant?

Thanks, Eva. This is the kind of post I was talking about. An actual discussion of memes and their use in magick :slight_smile:

@Woodsman81 you seem far more knowledgeable than I when it comes to this kind of magick. Any info you want to lay on us Luddite folks who aren’t quite as hip to the ways of the youngsters?

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‘Memetic’ just means ‘how ideas spread’, so even if we’re considered ancient in the next 10 years, there’ll still be memes! They’ll probably be different though.

Cultures ancient to us would consider memes ‘McMoonMagic’ because of how easy they are to charge and trigger! I can’t wait to see where the cycle heads. :slight_smile:


But maymays only work if they spread a truth that breaks someone out of a brainwashing program… I contend. :frog:

A meme that asks you to ignore reality you had been fucntioning well within, and live in a fantasy that hates you, would never catch on? :thinking:

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Yeah, definitely true. Which raises something worth pointing out: our memetics material is lacking here.

Lol, those two were pretty funny for a minute. Exactly a minute. But yeah, definitely trolling.

I meant it more in the context of what can be documented on the subject. It is definitely image magick, almost on a chaos magick level in it’s relevance to the human collective conscious. Every nation has used some form of image magick, but in the context of satire in the bardic tradition it is limited to an individual nation’s current events for the most part. Memetics translate into every country’s situations if one is creative enough, and so gains impetus as more and more people use them.

Also, memetics are one of the few occult techniques used by damn near anyone willingly and even somewhat knowingly. Religious, atheist, magickian, comedian, etc all use meme warfare with intent. It is an Everyman technique that can be documented more accurately than previous systems, ever were, too.

You are right on this one for sure. Actually I noticed more and more people are showing interest in building symbolism and sigil work into social media images, stores, etc. Meme fueled chaos magick could be amazing.


Hmmm. Let me flesh out a new thread idea. It’s a ridiculously powerful tool to have at one’s disposal, IMO. It can legally assassinate a person’s character or shift the rule of the land when used to effect.


wait… demonic gangbanging??? WTF lmao

Ah! I feel that your point, while valid, is perhaps strictly a result of the climate in which memes are now used, rather than a law of their functionality.

What’s a more delusional meme than martyrdom?

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At first I was struck with magnetic meme magic being the most revenant. I was obviously sleepy.

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