Is Lucifer the great God known as Enki?

i <3 Enki. He has been so good to me since i did a dedication of my self to him last July. Many say he is Lucifer. I really have no issue with this fact if it is true. It just goes to show how misunderstood Lucifer is, and how xtian turds talk so much false shit about Lucifer.

In mythos? yes. In reality? No.

Enki doesn’t have anything to do with Lucifer.

Enki is a god of water and earth. Lucifer is a god of air and fire.

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“Xtian”… uh oh. Hopefully on your journey with magick terms like “Xtian” and the biases that come with them will fade out. Many folks will try to tie any type of snake god to being the same god all around, even if the similarities are extremely small in comparison to the differences. Some will say that Shiva and Lucifer are the same, some don’t know if Satan and Lucifer are the same, some think that Yahweh is the real devil… just a bunch of ungrounded confusion.

If Enki is good to you, just let Enki be good to you and learn how to make yourself powerful through what he teaches you. Would it make Enki better to you if the correlation between some other god was accurate? Probably not, so the matter is pretty irrelevant. Enki is probably WAY older than the Lucifer name, rather through name association or because Lucifer was actually a different entity that was worshipped at a later time than Enki. Either way, the names are pretty irrelevant, and the “Xtian turds” have little to do with how ignorant people are.

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If you want to work with Enki, then work with him. If you want to work with Lucifer then work with him. But at some point, in order to find out the answer to your question, you will have to work with them. Working, not theory or opinion, working knowledge. My advice, put in the work and you can see for yourself instead of relying on the answers other have recieved.

Enki is known as the real satan but not as Lucifer, then again the word satan can hardly be a name of only one god, Lucifer was never an angel. he lived among iblis the infernal once before time enki aka satan only came into play after the so called creation. so no enki is not lucifer

What movie did you watch?

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sarcasm is your way to act intellectual? Well then enlightened one, explain to me how is it that Lucifer does not and never have had a problem standing against the christian god while every other angel have no choice and why is it among an entire race of beings of light comes one only one made of fire. the infernal one. Do you know who called and still calls him an angel? humans… he never resembled any for of angelic being in any way. he might have worked with them at some point but he was never of them


Who said it was an act?

Because he doesn’t stand against the “Christian” god. First of all, that god isn’t Christian, it’s God. Go make some research on his origins. Then you can come back and, hopefully, we can discuss.

  1. Every angel, spirit, etc, has a choice. How do you think the Great Fall happened?

  2. Light = fire. Lucifer was and still is a Seraphim. Seraphim - Burning Ones.

How do you know this? I’d like to see the material you learned this from, so I can have a good laugh.

Truthfully there is no point in fighting or bickering about this. Spirituality is subjective and biased no matter which way you choose to look at it. The only way you can truly interpret Lucifer is by working with him. How he reveals himself to you is going to most definitely be different then how he reveals himself to me or anyone else. The point in the matter is once you open the veil and call him in, what are you going to do with it? So what if he isn’t angelic in your eyes! Does that mean someone else is wrong if they see him in that aspect? No! It is all a matter of the perspective and the interpretation of that being by the operator. We are all God’s of our own universe, which leaves room for ones own interpretation of the spiritual. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, all that matters is once you work with him what are you going to do with it?

See that? I gave you the answer twice.

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Calling him the christian god is a way of discribe him as not my god or my creator. did you realy think the great fall happened? yes there was a creator but trust me this world have been full before he showed up. the world had wat was called iblis as they where known (the infernal once) before angels came to the scene. lucifer stood with the angels for some time. but when he saw Humans beings of clay was created bla bla bla you know the rest from there.

Do you realize how stupid this sounds? Where the hell do you get your info from? Imagination?

Have you ever met Lucifer? I’d bet all my money you haven’t, otherwise you wouldn’t talk about him like that.

Have you ever met God? Certainly not, you don’t have the ambition to do so. But if you did, you’d know he is indeed the Creator of everything and nothing can truly oppose him. You’d know that everything there is, is only a manifestation of God and nothing is really different.

Now away with you. Come back when you do some real research and work.

You seem really touched by what i said… i do however have my knowledge and you have yours my source is of no importance to you. yes most of it comes from within myself. call it imagination if you will but then you call your sources your imagination aswell. i am not wrong about what i said and yes steve the stories will not always be the same. your creator god is only all powerfull by your standards not mine. to me he means as much as the ants i walk on. your knowledge is yours and mine is mine the dude asked an opinion and i gave it now shove of. yes i did not work with lucifer but i have received guidance from other…

Lucifer was a Greek and Roman god long before he was “made” a fallen angel.

see not all say the same.