Is Lucifer Calling Me? Need some guidance

So after all the research and doing some evocations (mainly Duke Sallos and Bune), I was at a point where I could clearly feel the presence but yet to hear or feel the words , I was however very clear in my mind that I didn’t yet want any sort of physical manifestation of a demon because I live alone and it would freak me out and put a break on my progress.
I read about Lucifer and how sometimes he can shake your life upside down before improving it, on this forum so had no intention of working with him in the near future.
So I was stuck in life , nothing was moving, my job was giving me lot of stress and I was really unhappy. While looking for a solution I came across Lucifers sigil and his enn, while looking at it I thought to myself “I wonder if you can help get me out of this situation” , then i read the enn just to see if I can pronounce it , I had no intention of evoking , and suddenly my feet felt extremely warm as if the heater was on and blowing hot air on my feet , I didn’t think much about it.
Next day I came to know that things were going to change soon at work and my hours were going to be decreased , which meant I would have to look for another job (which was not really my plan but now I’m forced to do so), first thought after that was “Did Lucifer do this?”
So then I started reading about him and decided to do an evocation , as i was getting ready for the ritual I felt his presence already , as everyone knows his energy is strong and unmissable. (even now while typing I feel it totally ) every time I think or write about him I feel he arrives , since I cant hear him yet , is he calling me? or wants to work me?
Also I did try to call him twice for a chat when I was extremely down and sad , and did not feel anything . Somehow he only comes when I am relaxed?
Can someone give me some guidance on what’s going on and why? I haven’t had any job interviews yet though !


Actually, if you’re life isn’t so great or if you’re almost at rock bottom, I’d pull the proverbial trigger on Ascension work. After all, if there’s not much too lose…But in my experience, working with Lucifer has been a positive one. There may be ordeals but it will all lead you to higher heights. It’s different for everyone. Some get a brush fire and others get a wildfire.

I believe he is calling you. That’s the main reason why you feel a pull to look at his sigil and say his enn. I don’t think it’s at all a coincidence that after you felt him the next day you job cuts hours. Also another perspective to have is that your job was already going to do that to you but Lucifer stepped in at the right time so you would not suffer as much. Only you know the answer to that (or eventually you will).

My first evocation of him was very similar. He was already there. His energy preceded him. A powerhouse! In fact, he was there watching and waiting before I even thought of communicating with spirits so I have no doubt he probably does the same to others. I would commune with him often. The more you connect with his current the more you feel and hear him. This will also go along way with eventually seeing him during evocation.

As for chatting with him, I’ve found in my experience that he doesn’t mind communing. He always seems willing to facilitate a ritual or be present during meditations. This goes back to laying the foundations of a relationship with spirits. I believe the more you invoke, evoke, and just talk to him telepathically the closer he will be with you. Give it time, he can be a great counselor as well. He’s about knowledge and wisdom and he can definitely get you out of the slump (if you’re willing to go through the process).


That’s all I needed to read to make sure it was him and he has an interest in you. It’s the same experience everyone has with Lucifer (me included). It’s him and he wants to guide you.

Mostly because you let your energy go wild at that time and your mind is clear. Since you don’t have completely awakened astral senses, it’s harder to hear him or even feel him when you are emotionally stressed (or so I believe).


Thank you for the reply ! Yesterday after I wrote that post he was here aswell I sort of felt him telling me why are you asking when you already know the answer :blush: what a lovely experience, I wish I had done this earlier in life !

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Spirits tell me the same thing when I ask things I already know about XD.

Yes you are right I don’t have much to loose ! I used to talk to god all the time in my head now I’ve started to talk to Lucifer :blush:

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I am pleased to read this. Lucifer-Amaymon is Always Watching & Listening. Even without having to summon him. If you have had an understanding or connection with him since infancy it will be much easier contacting him without magickal proposals. If you are just discovering this path. Take your time getting to know the spirit before making any effort to evoke or invoke them in your life. This will be for better results within yourself toward self discovering what “he” is to you. Have a wonderful day :slight_smile:

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It’s sad how much negativity is around about these spirits, they are so lovely :blush: thanks for replying !

People are negative and hateful about things they dont know and dont choose to understand. They will always be around trying to condemn or abolish this path toward enlightment. We (Adept, Black Magician, Witch, etc) do not wish harm upon this world. It is the Knowledge & Balance within and the Attempt of Our Soul having reconciliation with The Source.