Is lead good for an amulet? interested in knowing abit more about the properties and uses of lead. i used it in making an amulet sometime ago. I’ve gotten good results with said amulet,but I’m mostly just curious

If you wear lead against bare skin it can be absorbed through the skin potentially (not definitely) leading to lead poisoning. So… depending on whether your going to wear the amulet as jewelry or just keep it on you in a pocket it may or may not be safe. Potentially not if in contact with bare skin.

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well i dont wear it at all,mostly because of it’s weight,its abit too bulky to use as a necklace.

i use it mostly for altar based works,and overlaying ontop of drawn sigils. i do have enough human teeth to make a new one in a necklace safe version.just need to get the tin based metal for it

but i would still like to know the different magick uses of lead

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Not sure on magick uses but I know it’s connected to Saturn and also the horoscope sign Capricorn.

Add: did your spell check screw you too? I don’t get (understand) the “I have enough human teeth” part.

no thats not a joke. im literally using human teeth in making amulets. ethically sourced of course XD

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Oh. Ok. Gotcha. Sounds cool.