Is Lady Lilith calling me?

Hi, I’m here looking for some guidance, I’m pretty new to magic, or at least at it’s practice in a conscious way. That’s way I would like some advice from those who have more experience, specially in working with deities.

I have this… feeling that maybe Lilith has been trying to call me, but I have my doubts, first of all because I have never work with spirits, and then because I don’t want to be disrespectful towards her; but there has been some situations that aroused my curiosity.

The first experience was last year, I Usually draw as a form of meditation, that time I was working in a sketch without any particular idea on my mind and when I finished it the result was a woman with black eyes and long black hair, something different of what I usually do. At that moment the phrase “Lilith may protect you” came to my mind and I got the need to look for her symbol.

I didn’t think about it too much until some months ago when I found myself randomly with her name on my mind, also I started to see some shadows around me, curiously there was a particular spirit that was bothering me even before these events, but since I started to think about Lilith it has gone.

Also I read in this forum that spiders are related to her, and since I was a child I’ve been surrounded by them, and even if it sounds weird I feel protected whenever I see one in my surroundings.

I ask for some advice because I don’t want to be disrespectful towards Lilith in case she’s calling me, I’m sure I’m not ready to work with her, and I feel I have nothing to offer.

I hope someone could help me.