Is it wise using the connections I made to further myself?

Over the years through my profession, I’ve made a few connections through networking with different types of people in many industries, mainly involving entertainment and media like movies/tv, music, journalism… basically most of these areas. Even recently, made one with someone that’s connected to a very, very popular company, I’d rather not say which. I haven’t really done anything to get anything out of these connections. Conflicted on whether it’s using them or just advancing myself because I didn’t become acquaintances or friends just to use where they are to reach somewhere. What would you do if you were in my position?

Yes it’s wise. People suppose to help each other. As long as you don’t go disrespecting them for the favors or help they do for you. Some people you help turn into ungrateful people after they get what they want. That’s the wrong way to use connections. Make sure you always show thanks for those helping you and treat them like real humans not strangers after the help. Also ask if you can do anything for them if their help helps you to show that your not just using.

Also, it’s not using if whatever they help you with also helps the company flourish in the process. Win /win for those involve.

I get too many people i help end up treating me like strangers after the fact. It’s really sickening. Shows that they never cared about you but only using you. Makes you don’t want to help anyone in the future.

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I meant more in a magical way, they won’t know I am, they won’t be hurt or anything like that since it isn’t anything direct, I’m just using my connection to them to gain access to other things. It just feels sorta dishonest and advantageous. The connection with that company might be a potential romantic interest from the looks of it right now, so I’m not going after them.

it’s still wise.

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