Is it true?

Is it true that since tarot cards has its own energy if we were to left one deck open we attract the energy?
For example if we left lovers open in our room we attrack the energy of love?

I was having experiences with cards but I kept working with angel energies so some force does not allow me to find my decks.


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My tarot cards dont have their own energy, all my tarot decks have an energy I charged them with.


So which method do you use to charge them?

Direct energy manipulation, manipulate a certain energy and pour it into the deck.

I would not say that the cards absorb energy by being open during a working. That being said, you can “contaminate” your insight after you have done a working if you have not done something (like a grounding meditation) that can bleeding out into a reading with how you interpret the cards. For example, let’s say you just did a love spell and immediately do a reading for in regards to a job. You still have that focus of love in the back of your mind that can make a reading confusing when you try to switch gears towards the job.

I actually treat divination as it’s own ritual and will give myself a few hours after a different ceremony to help clear my mind.